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Institute of Business Management
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ChancellorMuhammad Bashir Jammohammad
PresidentTalib Karim
Academic staff
Visiting: 192 Full time: 162
Students5000+ (2017)
Undergraduates2852 (2017)
Postgraduates2146 (2017)
53 (2017)
Location, ,
24°48′46″N 67°07′04″E / 24.8127°N 67.1178°E / 24.8127; 67.1178Coordinates: 24°48′46″N 67°07′04″E / 24.8127°N 67.1178°E / 24.8127; 67.1178
CampusMain Campus: 11 acres (0.045 km2)[1]
AffiliationsHEC, PEC

The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) (Sindhi: انسٽيٽيوٽ آف بزنس مينيجمينٽ‎), also known as "CBM" is a private university and business school in Karachi, Pakistan. IoBM is composed of four colleges, the College of Business Management (CBM), the College of Economics and Social Development (CESD), the College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) and the College of Engineering Sciences (CES).

In January 1998, a bill was unanimously approved by the Sindh Provincial Assembly for establishing a university known as the Institute of Business Management in the private sector.


IoBM started as College of Business Management offering BBA and MBA degrees.[2]

IoBM is built on a 9 acres (36,000 m2) site.

IoBM has extensive links with North American Universities. Professors from the Universities of Arizona State and Brock have served as Chief Academic Officers of CBM.[3] The present CBM Dean has over 38 years of experience at the State Bank of Pakistan[4] and Dean, CCSIS has over twelve years teaching experience in US and Pakistani universities.

IoBM's BBA, BCS and BS Joint (Honors) programs have a compulsory foreign language component (Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian).

Academic Programs[edit]

College of Business Management[edit]

  • BBAQ (Honors)
  • BS (Honors) Economics and Finance
  • BS (Honors) Accounting and Finance
  • MBA (Regular)
  • MBA (Executive)
  • MBA Health and Hospital Management
  • MBA Advertising and Media Management
  • MBA Educational Management
  • MBA Finance and Risk Management
  • MBA Environment and Energy Management
  • MBA Educational Management
  • MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MS Leading to PhD in Business Management

College of Computer Science and Information Systems[edit]

  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Actuarial Science and Risk Management
  • MS Computer Science
  • BS Data Science

College of Engineering and Sciences[edit]

  • BS Industrial Engineering and Management
  • MBA Industrial Management after BS Industrial Engineering and Management
  • MBA Industrial Management
  • BE Electrical (Electronics)
  • BE Electrical (Telecommunications)
  • MBA Telecommunication Management

College of Economics and Social Development[edit]

  • BS Accountancy, Management & Law (Formerly BS (Honors) Commerce)
  • BS (Honors) Media Studies
  • BS Actuarial Science & Risk Management
  • MSc Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management
  • MSc Media Psychology
  • MS Economics and Finance
  • MS in Business Psychology


IoBM admissions are held once in a year (June) for all programs, twice (June & Dec) for only engineering programs and thrice ( March, June & Dec) for Executive MBA Students. Admission to IoBM is on a highly competitive basis, and only those who compete successfully on merit are selected for admission. After joining IoBM, students continue to pursue their studies with a high level of competitiveness aimed at professional development. Success in aptitude test and interview conducted by IoBM is mandatory for admission to the institute.

Student achievements and awards[edit]

  • IoBM team won the CIMA Global Business Challenge (GBC) Pakistan 2010.[5] Out of 50 teams competing in the initial stages from universities from Lahore and Karachi, four teams qualified for CIMA Global Business Challenge (GBC) Pakistan Final 2010. Of these, two were from IoBM and two from LUMS. IoBM’s team represented Pakistan in Malaysia where prestigious universities from all over the world participated including the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, UAE and Australia.
  • IoBM won the second prize in Unilever Lipton Hunt-a national completion between leading business schools of Pakistan.
  • IoBM won the Business Launch Challenge 2010/2011 by P&G Pakistan.[6] The competition was a part of the P&G Pakistan’s Human Resource Initiatives and was geared towards enhancing students’ grasp of the industry in general and P&G Pakistan’s business in particular. IoBM’s team competed with over 50 teams across Pakistan.

Student life[edit]

  • Social Welfare And Trust (SWAT)
  • Entertainment Plus Society (EPS)
  • Alumni Development Program (ADP)
  • Mathematics society
  • Dialogue Society
  • Egalitarians Society
  • Strategic Human Resource Society (SHRS)
  • The Literary and Public Speaking Society
  • CBM Society of Health Managers (CSHM)
  • The Management Society
  • The Marketing Society
  • Vanquishers
  • Digicon Informatics Society
  • Media society
  • IoBM Club For Entrepreneurs.
  • Actuarial Science & Risk Management Society (ARMS)

IoBM has a unique type of Event Organization system as compared to other institutes in Karachi. Here, students of different societies are to arrange all the events themselves with no professional or financial help from IoBM as IoBM's management believes that its students should be self-dependent & take up tasks themselves which will have a positive impact on their personality development. All the recent events in IoBM such as Jashan e Baharan, the Public talk by Imran Khan had been arranged by the society members themselves.[7]

Membership in professional bodies[edit]

IoBM is an active member of the following international and national professional bodies.

Entreprenuership Management Excellence Center[edit]

The Entrepreneurship & Management Excellence Center (EMEC), the executive Education Wing of IoBM, is a prized product of its successful evolution as a top-rated business and management school. EMEC follows an immersive approach to service excellence, whether customized or generic, aimed at organizational change. It provides consultancy to organizations on the development and implementation of effective strategies. Its training programs are designed with excellence and rigor to make every organization’s experience a valuable one.[9]

IoBM Alumni Association[edit]

Alumni associations aren't just about jobs and recruiting new students. When you were a student at your university, you were part of a community that offered all sorts of exciting perks – free concerts, student discounts, poetry readings, art exhibits, library access, sporting events, and numerous other things that made your university unique and dynamic. And university alumni associations understand that even after graduation, many students continue to feel connected to their university, or associate a part of their identity with the institution. Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial to an institution’s success. If communication stops once graduates leave an institution, their understanding of the university will become stale. Instead, they should be kept informed so they can remain engaged and keep abreast on the progress of the university.

Notable alumni[edit]


Population strategies in Sindh:Semainar by IoBM

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