Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister of Israel

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Ministry of Intelligence and Atomic Energy
המשרד לעינייני מודיעין
Agency overview
Formed 2009
Minister responsible

The Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy (Hebrew: שר המופקד על שירותי המודיעין והוועדה לאנרגיה אטומית‎‎) is the political head of the Israeli Intelligence community, although authority is shared with the Prime Minister's office. Established on 6 May 2009, the minister is involved with intelligence matters, although none of the country's intelligence authorities are subordinate to the ministry;[citation needed] Shin Bet, and Mossad are subordinate to the Prime Minister's office,[citation needed] and the Military Intelligence Directorate operates under the Israel Defense Forces and the Minister of Defense.[citation needed] An additional intelligence body, the Center for Political Research, operates under the Foreign Ministry.

List of ministers[edit]

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end
Minister of Intelligence
1 Dan Meridor Likud 32 6 May 2009 18 March 2013
2 Yuval Steinitz Likud 33 18 March 2013 14 May 2015
3 Yisrael Katz Likud 34 14 May 2015