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The World Bowling Writers (WBW) International Bowling Hall of Fame was established in 1993 and is located in the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, on the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas.


The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame was located at 11 Stadium Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and shared the same building with the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum, until November 8, 2008. It moved to Arlington and reopened in early 2010.[1] In 2012, the WBW was merged with the International Bowling Media Association.[2] After the merger, the WBW Hall of Fame inductees became part of the IBMA Luby Hall of Fame.[3]

Criteria for election[edit]

WBW Hall of Famers are chosen strictly in the basis of athletic performance, to even qualify for consideration, a player must be an amateur and accumulate a minimum of 15 points in any combination of four specifically designated international competitions;

with gold medals occurring in an event other than five-person team. Five points are credited for a gold medal, three points for silver, and one for bronze.

Each summer, the WBW Administrator scans a database to determine eligible candidates and sends ballots with those players’ names and resumes to current officers of the World Bowling Writers, which formed the Hall’s Board.

Election process[edit]

There are two categories: “Men” and “Women.” Voters can cast one vote in each category for every three names listed there, and one vote for any group of “leftovers” names in each category that totals less than three. The man and woman who receive the most votes are elected.

In the case of ties, more than one man or one woman can be elected, provided that each candidate in the tie receives at least two-thirds of the total votes cast in that category that year. If that standard is not met, no one is elected in that category that year.


(WBW) International Bowling Hall of Fame members[edit]

See footnote[5]
Year Male Female
Inductee Country Inductee Country
1993 Rafael Nepomuceno  Philippines Olivia Coo  Philippines
Annette Hagre Johannesson  Sweden
1994 Philippe Dubois  France Jeanette Baker  Australia
Arne Stroem  Norway
1995 None None
1996 Ying-Chieh Ma  Chinese Taipei Asa Larsson  Sweden
1997 Cheng-Ming Yang  Chinese Taipei Martina Beckel  Germany
1998 None Cara Honeychurch  Australia
1999 Les Zikes  United States Edda Piccini  Mexico
2000 Tomas Leandersson  Sweden Lita dela Rosa
2001 Gosta Algeskog  Sweden Irma Urrea  Mexico
2002 None Eija Krogerus  Finland
2003 Kaarlo "Kalle" Asukas  Finland Pauline Buck  England
2004 Anders Ohman  Sweden Shalin Zulkifli  Malaysia
2005 None Diandra Asbaty  United States
2006 Tito Reynolds  Mexico Lynda Barnes  United States
2007 Tore Torgersen  Norway Zara Glover  England
2008 Bill Hoffman  United States Ann-Maree Putney  Australia
2009 Gery Verbruggen  Belgium Clara Guerrero  Colombia
2010 Mika Koivuniemi  Finland Kirsten Penny  England
2011 Raymond Jansson  Sweden Shannon Pluhowsky  United States
2012 None None
2013 Osku Palermaa  Finland Kelly Kulick  United States

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