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Interstate 90 marker
Interstate 90
I-90 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by WYDOT
Length208.80 mi[1] (336.03 km)
Major junctions
West end I-90 / US 87 at Montana state line
  I-25 near Buffalo
East end I-90 / US 14 at South Dakota state line
CountiesSheridan, Johnson, Campbell, Crook
Highway system
US 89.svg US 89WY-90.svg WYO 90

In the U.S. state of Wyoming, Interstate 90 (I-90) traverses the northeastern corner of the state, passing through the cities and communities of Sheridan, Buffalo, and Gillette.[2]

Route description[edit]

Interstate 90 enters Wyoming from Montana and heads south concurrent with US 87 through hilly grasslands. It curves to the southeast and meets an interchange that serves the small community of Parkman. Continuing southeast, the highway intersects US 14 at a diamond interchange. US 14 joins I-90 and US 87 and the three routes curve east. After the freeway bends back to the southeast, it intersects the eastern end of WYO 345, then crosses the BNSF Railway[3] (formerly the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad) and the Tongue River. The highway serves as the western terminus of WYO 339 and then passes over WYO 338 without an intersection just before it crosses Goose Creek. Just south of Goose Creek, US 14 and US 87 split off to the south of I-90 via a trumpet interchange. This road is also signed as a business loop of I-90 (BL 90).[4]

View of south Sheridan from I-90

The freeway turns due south and skirts around the eastern edge of Sheridan. It intersects WYO 336, then crosses over the BNSF Railway again,[3] before intersecting US 14 farther south. South of Sheridan, I-90 continues to travel south roughly parallel to US 87. The highway intersects WYO 342 and Prairie Dog Creek Road at diamond interchanges before US 87 merges back into and becomes concurrent with I-90. The highway runs southwest of Lake Desmet. Here it meets Lake Ridge Road, which leads to the lake.[4]

Southeast of Lake Desmet, I-90/US 87 comes to a diamond interchange with Rock Creek Road. It then intersects the business loops of US 87 and I-25 at an incomplete diamond interchange; only traffic heading southbound can exit, and traffic from the business loops can only access I-90 northbound. Just southeast of this interchange, I-90 meets the northern terminus of I-25. US 87 follows I-25 southbound toward Buffalo, while I-90 bends to the southeast and intersects US 16 at a diamond interchange.[4]

Southeast of Buffalo, I-90 continues in a general southeasterly direction through hilly grasslands. The highway intersects several minor farm roads, then curves to the northeast toward Gillette. Just west of the city, the freeway turns due east. Within Gillette, I-90 comes to a diamond interchange with WYO 50 and its own business loop, then dips to the southeast and meets another diamond interchange, this one with WYO 59. I-90 then has one last exit in Gillette: a partial cloverleaf interchange with US 14, US 16, and WYO 51. The first two of those routes become concurrent with I-90 and follow it east.[4]

I-90 westbound between Rozet and Wyodak.

The freeway crosses the BNSF Railway[3] and then turns to the east. It meets a diamond interchange with Garner Lake Road, then leaves Gillette and intersects American Road before crossing the BNSF Railway again.[3] The highway travels east, parallel to WYO 51 and then meets Adon Road, then curves to the southeast toward Moorcroft. I-90 has two exits in Moorcroft; at the first exit, US 14 and US 16 leave I-90, and I-90's business loop begins. The highway passes over US 14 with no access and then meets its second exit in the city: the eastern terminus of its business loop. East of this exit, I-90 leaves the city.[4]

East of Moorcroft, I-90 intersects several more minor rural roads while it bends to the northeast toward Sundance. As it nears Sundance, it shares a diamond interchange with US 14 and BL 90. The route then curves to the east and enters the city, intersecting WYO 585 at a diamond interchange. I-90 then meets US 14 and the eastern terminus of BL 90; the former becomes concurrent with I-90, and the two routes head northeast, leaving Sundance. Northeast of Sundance, I-90/US 14 parallels the former alignment of the latter. The highway intersects Sundance-Moskee Road, then bends north and meets WYO 111. I-90/US 14 then has one last exit, with Sand Creek Road, before crossing into South Dakota.[4]

Exit list[edit]

Sheridan0.000.00 I-90 west / US 87 north – HardinContinuation into Montana
Ranchester9.8815.909 US 14 west – Greybull, Lovell, Ranchester, Dayton, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National ParkWest end of US 14 overlap
14.6223.5314 WYO 345 – Acme
16.3426.3016 WYO 339 – Decker
Sheridan20.9233.6720 I-90 BL east (Main Street)
23.1537.2623 WYO 336 (Fifth Street)
25.4040.8825 I-90 BL west / US 14 east (US 87 south) – Sheridan, Big Horn, UcrossEast end of US 14 / US 87 overlap
32.9853.0833Meade Creek Road – Big Horn
37.1659.8037Prairie Dog Creek Road
Johnson44.6971.9244Piney Creek Road (US 87 north)West end of US 87 overlap
47.7176.7847Shell Creek Road
51.3682.6651Lake De Smet
53.8386.6353Rock Creek Road
Buffalo56.3690.7056A I-25 BL south / I-90 BL east – BuffaloEastbound exit and westbound entrance
56.8591.4956B I-25 south / US 87 south – CasperEast end of US 87 overlap; I-25 to 90 east exit 300; northern terminus of I-25
58.6594.3958 I-90 BL west / US 16 – Buffalo, Ucross
65.98106.1865Red Hills Road, Tipperary Road
69.64112.0769Dry Creek Road
73.01117.5073Crazy Woman Creek Road
77.91125.3877Schoonover Road
82.83133.3082Indian Creek Road
88.67142.7088Powder River Road
91.49147.2491Dead Horse Creek Road
Campbell102.52164.99102Barber Creek Road
106.14170.82106Kingsbury Road
113.97183.42113Wild Horse Creek Road
116.24187.07116Force Road
Gillette124.26199.98124 I-90 BL east / WYO 50 to US 14 west / US 16 west – Gillette
126.39203.40126 WYO 59 – Douglas
128.09206.14128 I-90 BL west / US 14 west / US 16 west – GilletteWest end of US 14/US 16 overlap
129.10207.77129Garner Lake Road
Wyodak132.99214.03132Wyodak Road
CrookMoorcroft153.41246.89153 US 14 east / US 16 east – Moorcroft, NewcastleEast end of US 14/US 16 overlap
154.77249.08154 To US 14 / US 16 – Moorcroft
160.66258.56160Wind Creek Road
165.68266.64165Pine Ridge Road – Pine Haven
172.09276.95172Inyan Kara Road
178.92287.94178Coal Divide Road
185.73298.90185 I-90 BL east / US 14 to WYO 116 – Sundance
Sundance187.53301.80187 WYO 585 – Sundance, Newcastle
189.00304.17189 I-90 BL west / US 14 west – SundanceWest end of US 14 overlap
191.92308.87191Moskee Road
199.31320.76199 WYO 111 – Aladdin
208.80336.03 I-90 east / US 14 east – SturgisContinuation into South Dakota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Business routes[edit]

Business routes are present in Sheridan (also carries US 14 Business and US 87 Business), Buffalo, Gillette, and Sundance (also part of US 14).


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