Iraqis in Denmark

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Iraqis in Denmark
Total population
32,589 (2017)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Copenhagen, Jutland
Danish, Iraqi Arabic
also Kurdish (Sorani and Kurmanji dialects), Turkish (Iraqi Turkmen/Turkoman dialects), and Neo-Aramaic (Chaldean, Ashuri, and Mandaic)
Predominantly Islam (Shia and Sunni) and Christianity (Syriac Christianity and Catholic).
Related ethnic groups
Iraqi diaspora, Arabs in Denmark

Iraqis in Denmark consist of both immigrants from Iraq to Denmark and their descendants, and may hold either Iraqi or Danish citizenship.


With a total Iraqi population in Denmark numbering of 31,322, there are organizations such as the Iraqi-Danish Culture Days, which is currently organized in the capital of Copenhagen.[2] They are the largest Arab ethnic group living in Denmark. They mostly live in the capital Copenhagen, especially in the Nørrebro area.

13,000 Danish Iraqis participated in the Iraqi legislative election in January 2005.[citation needed]

Iraqi nationals currently make up the largest group of unsuccessful asylum seekers in Denmark.[3]


According to Statistics Denmark, as of 2014, Iraq-born immigrants aged 30-64 in Denmark have an employment rate of approximately 31.9%. Iraq-born individuals aged 16-64 also have a self-employment rate of around 17%.[4]

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