Isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase

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isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase
EC number
CAS number 155948-73-5
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In enzymology, an isoquinoline 1-oxidoreductase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

isoquinoline + acceptor + H2O isoquinolin-1(2H)-one + reduced acceptor

The 3 substrates of this enzyme are isoquinoline, acceptor, and H2O, whereas its two products are isoquinolin-1(2H)-one and reduced acceptor.

This enzyme belongs to the family of oxidoreductases, specifically those acting on the CH-CH group of donor with other acceptors. The systematic name of this enzyme class is isoquinoline:acceptor 1-oxidoreductase (hydroxylating).


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