JAG (season 9)

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JAG (season 9)
Starring David James Elliott
Catherine Bell
Patrick Labyorteaux
John M. Jackson
Scott Lawrence
Zoe McLellan
Karri Turner
Randy Vasquez
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 23
Original network CBS
Original release September 26, 2003 (2003-09-26) – May 21, 2004 (2004-05-21)
Season chronology
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Season 8
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Season 10
List of JAG episodes

The ninth season of JAG premiered on CBS on September 26, 2003, and concluded on May 21, 2004. The season, starring David James Elliott and Catherine Bell, was produced by Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Productions.

JAG Season 9 aired alongside NCIS (season 1).


Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott) and Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) are lawyers assigned to the Judge Advocate General Corps, the elite legal arm of the United States Naval and Marine forces. Mac, a seasoned Marine and JAG's Chief of Staff, is a lawyer-by-trade, while Harm, a former Tomcat pilot, turned to law following a crash at sea. Together, they investigate numerous cases, including espionage ("A Tangled Webb"), a death in combat ("The One That Got Away"), an Islamic conversion at sea ("Touchdown"), the death of an Iraqi prisoner ("The Boast"), and a Quaker who feels the Navy contradicts his fundamental religious beliefs ("Posse Comitatus"). Also this season, Harm departs JAG ("Shifting Sands") and is recruited by the CIA ("Secret Agent Man"), Commander Carolyn Imes (Dana Sparks) reveals she has faked her legal credentials ("Back in the Saddle"), the Secretary (Dean Stockwell) is held accountable for deaths of foreign soil ("People v. SecNav"), the team reflect on what could have been ("What If?"), Mac must track down seized heroin ("Trojan Horse"), and Harriet (Karri Turner) is given a commendation. Also, Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux) is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, the Admiral (John M. Jackson) retires, and Harm and Mac consider their future ("Hail and Farewell").


During season nine, actor John M. Jackson "decided to "retire" from his long-running role on the series".[1] The character of A.J. Chegwidden retired during the season finale,[2] and was replaced by David Andrews as Colonel Gordon Cresswell.

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No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
183 1 "A Tangled Webb (Part II)" Bradford May Stephen Zito September 26, 2003 183
Harm and Mac must escape pursuers determined to kill them, while also sorting through their feelings. Gunny Galindez must get an injured Webb to a hospital before he dies. At the end of the episode, there is a tribute to the late Trevor Goddard.
184 2 "Shifting Sands" Jeannot Szwarc Dana Coen October 3, 2003 184
Harm returns to Washington and finds that the Admiral has processed his resignation. Harm visits Webb in the hospital and takes a job flying for the CIA. A Navy Petty Officer believed killed in the Gulf War turns up married to a local Bedouin sheik and is charged with desertion, aiding the enemy, and treason for supplying Saddam's regime with intel against U.S. troop movements.
185 3 "Secret Agent Man" Bradford May Darcy Meyers October 10, 2003 185
Harm is recruited by the CIA and his first mission is to drop a bugged limo in the Philippines, but he and his partner end up as impromptu field agents trying to stop an anti-U.S. bombing. Mikey Roberts asks for advice from Mac when he is asked to testify at an honor code hearing. Bud and Harriet have a party after their son is born.
186 4 "The One That Got Away" Kenneth Johnson Thomas L. Moran October 17, 2003 186
While conducting a flight test in the experimental Aurora spy plane, Harm and his co-pilot must conduct a surprise mission over North Korea. Mac deals with a Marine who let a 10-year-old Iraqi boy leave a combat area unhindered, which led to the boy notifying Iraqi fighters of the Marines' position and then the deaths of two Marines. The main plot is based on the incident surrounding Bravo Two Zero, an 8-man British Army SAS patrol that was inserted behind Iraqi lines with the task of destroying Scud missile launchers and ended up being compromised during Operation Desert Storm.
187 5 "Touchdown" Dennis Smith Matt Witten October 24, 2003 187
Mac is asked to defend a sailor accused of working with al-Qaeda after converting to Islam, leading to fraught interactions in court with Turner when Sturgis doesn't have any issues with the sailor's (deserved) guilt and life sentence being earned via a foreign government's torture of a suspect. Harm's mission to extract an agent from Libya goes awry when the man wants his family evacuated as well, and he attempts the impossible by landing his C-130 Hercules on board the USS Seahawk, which appears to be the only safe landing point. After successfully landing the C-130 on the deck of the USS Seahawk, Harm is inadvertently shown on ZNN, which puts his CIA career at risk. This landing of a C-130 on an aircraft carrier is based on a true incident.
188 6 "Back in the Saddle" Kenneth Johnson Stephen Zito October 31, 2003 188
Fired from the CIA (after he was seen on TV in "Touchdown"), Harm takes a job as a crop-duster. He meets Mattie, a 14-year-old tomboy and owner/operator of "Grace Aviation". Mac and Bud are surprised when a former colleague, who returns to JAG as Harm's replacement, reveals that her law credentials are fake. The Admiral asks the Secretary of the Navy to reinstate Harm's commission due to the massive backlog created from Commander Caroline Imes' failure to pass the bar exam and having to review all her previous cases.
189 7 "Close Quarters" Bradford May Dana Coen November 7, 2003 189
Sturgis must determine the intent of 10 North Koreans rescued by an American sub when their vessel sinks while dealing with an angry Korean-American officer and a possible SARS outbreak. Harm helps out a veteran who was part of the Great Lakes Experience.
190 8 "Posse Comitatus" Stephen Cragg Paul Levine November 14, 2003 190
Harm and Mac investigate a Marine AH-1 SuperCobra helicopter pilot who intervened in a local law-enforcement hostage situation and fired on civilians in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. Bud helps a Naval Reserve physician who claims that his Quaker beliefs make him unsuited to remain in the service.
191 9 "The Boast" Bradford May Matt Witten November 21, 2003 191
Mac investigates when a Marine is accused of boasting about killing an Iraqi prisoner. Harm and the Admiral witness a Navy pitcher hit a Marine batter during a friendly baseball game, leading to the pitcher being charged with assault.
192 10 "Pulse Rate" LeVar Burton Darcy Meyers December 2, 2003 192
When a sailor is killed while repairing a radar dish, Harm and Mac must determine if his death was an accident.
193 11 "A Merry Little Christmas" Bradford May Stephen Zito December 12, 2003 193
Harm's attempts to become Mattie's legal guardian (from "Back In The Saddle") are complicated due to his single status and lifestyle. Turner finds a new girlfriend in the form of a USO vocalist. Sims manages to complete her OIG assignment. The Admiral has difficulties in giving a present to his girlfriend in time for Christmas but Coates manages to help out. After a Christmas sermon from Rev. Turner, Mac brings Mattie to Harm at the Vietnam Wall after convincing Mattie's father to allow Harm to be her guardian.
194 12 "A Girl's Best Friend" James Keach Darcy Meyers January 9, 2004 194
The admiral's investigation into Meredith's diamond engagement ring leads to an international smuggling operation involving blood diamonds, while Harm adjusts to having Mattie around full-time and rents a neighboring apartment for Mattie and Coates. The admiral's investigation leads him to the Naval Research Laboratory and a lieutenant smuggling lab-made diamonds on the black market. Meredith cheats on the admiral with a fellow professor from Italy.
195 13 "Good Intentions" Michael Fresco Thomas L. Moran January 16, 2004 195
Mac must defend a petty officer accused of murdering a female officer, but the man has no memory of the night in question, while a Navy SEAL who purchased nerve gas needs Bud's help to avoid prison.
196 14 "People v. SecNav" Dennis Smith Larry Moskowitz February 6, 2004 196
When Iraqi civilians are killed in a bombing raid conducted by Navy fighters flying off the USS Enterprise, Secretary of the Navy Edward Sheffield (Dean Stockwell) agrees, in a calculated political move, to stand before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and he wants the best litigators JAG has to offer defending him on foreign soil. A babysitting incident creates a rift between Bud and his brother Mikey.
197 15 "Crash" Bradford May Matt Witten February 13, 2004 197
A crash aboard an aircraft carrier appears to be a case of the pilot committing suicide, and Harm and Mac face off when Mac wants to hold the pilot's CO responsible.
198 16 "Persian Gulf" Kenneth Johnson Philip DeGuere, Jr. February 20, 2004 198
The terrorist who held Mac and Webb prisoner in Paraguay returns, and Mac must determine what he wants with her. Harm suffers temporary deafness when his car battery explodes in his face, courtesy of Sadik Fahd. After a bit of hand-to-hand combat, Mac shoots and kills Sadik before he can destroy an American nightclub.
199 17 "Take It Like a Man" David James Elliott Darcy Meyers February 27, 2004 199
A former marine is accused of Stolen Valor after claiming an unearned Silver Star from Panama, 1989. The fallout from Mac's killing Sadik Fahd (from "Persian Gulf") affects her ability to work on the stolen valor case. Mattie continues to work through her feelings about her father. (The episode finishes when Mac says "He hurt someone I love" and Webb thinks she means him, when she really meant Harm for the battery explosion).
200 18 "What If?" Kenneth Johnson Stephen Zito & Don McGill March 12, 2004 200
A look at "roads not taken" finds Harm and Mac as a bitter divorced couple, the admiral a civilian prosecutor, Bud a hot-tub salesman, Sturgis as the manager for his fiancée, Varese, Coates back to her old habits as a master thief, and Harriet a well-to-do but lonely socialite.
201 19 "Hard Time" Bradford May Dana Coen April 2, 2004 201
Mac gets a handful of trouble when she is assigned to guard a female Marine prisoner (who meets every single 'angry black woman' stereotype) after being critical of the Marines originally assigned to the task. A Navy senior chief who contracted HIV after supposedly getting a blood transfusion in Africa seeks help after being exposed by his commanding officer. The admiral ends his engagement to Meredith. Guest-stars Dennis Haskins.
202 20 "Fighting Words" Jeannot Szwarc Matt Witten April 30, 2004 203
Harm and Mac square off over a Marine general who spoke about the War on Terror and equated Islam with Satan, and Sturgis must deal with the complaint of anti-Korean bias against him from "Close Quarters". Bud successfully gets the complaint against Cdr. Turner dropped and regains the level of friendship and professional trust lost in the earlier case.
203 21 "Coming Home" Bradford May Stephen Zito May 7, 2004 202
Harm helps a woman whose son was killed in action in Iraq, while Mac and Bud investigate why the armor given to the troops fails to protect them.
204 22 "Trojan Horse" Peter Ellis Darcy Meyers May 14, 2004 204
When a kilo of heroin seized during a SEAL operation goes missing, Harm and Mac must determine where it went. The intrigue is compounded by the presence of a British MI6 agent, Simon Tanveer. Bud defends a Marine who won an American Idol-type competition, only to have the record company object when he is deployed.
205 23 "Hail and Farewell (Part I)" Dennis Smith Dana Coen May 21, 2004 205
Harriet is given a commendation for her work with the USO tour and announces her pregnancy with twins and resignation from JAG for the IRR. Cmdr. Turner goes to sea to investigate the deaths of 6 people; one of whom is Webb. The Admiral announces his retirement as Judge Advocate General of the Navy. Mac undergoes an exploratory laparoscopy, and the news is not good (details not revealed until episode 10:10). Harm discovers that Mattie's father was not drunk when her mother died and must let her go back to live with him. Harm and Mac attend Admiral Chegwidden's dining out and once again discuss their relationship and how the 5-year pact they made has come due. The Admiral's final act as an officer is to promote Bud to Lieutenant Commander.