Jalal Merhi

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Jalal Merhi
Born (1956-01-27) January 27, 1956 (age 66)
Belém, Brazil
OccupationFilm producer
Years active1983–present

Jalal Merhi is a Brazilian-born Canadian action film producer.[1] He was born in Brazil to Lebanese immigrant parents.


He started his film career by selling his jewellery business to start a film production company. He has produced and acted in numerous action films that can be considered martial arts B movies. Because of this he is known as "Beirut’s Steven Seagal."[2][dubious ] Merhi first started Shotokan style of karate as youth later moving to tiger style Kung fu. He has sifu rank in kung fu and owns his own school in Canada.


  • 2015 "Jalal Merhi: The Man The Myth The VCR
  • 2011 The Conspiracy Show Airing 31 Episodes VisionTV
  • 2010 Alexander The Great Of Macedonia In postproduction - Feature film
  • 2009 Soccer Dreams (TV show) 13 Episodes Twentieth Century FOX- Sun TV
  • 2009 Circuit 3 Feature Film
  • 2008 Risk Factor Amsell Ent.
  • 2002 Circuit 2 Blockbusters, Amsell Ent - ThinkFilm
  • 2001 The Circuit Blockbusters, Amsell Ent.- ThinkFilm
  • 2000 Sometimes A Hero Thinkfilm, Amsell ENT
  • 2000 Guaranteed On Delivery Thinkfilm, Amsell ENT.
  • 1999 Tiger Claws III ShowTime, TMN, Amsell ENT
  • 1998 Love Letters Alliance, Amsell ENT
  • 1998 Severe Lions Gate, Amsell ENT.
  • 1997 Crisis Lions Gate, Amsell Ent.
  • 1998 The Cellar (Short) Film One
  • 1997 Variety Amsell ENT. Film One
  • 1997 Tiger Claws II
  • 1995 "Sudden Death" Lions Gate, Cineplex
  • 1997 Expect To Die Lions Gate, Alliance
  • 1995 Death Junction CFP, Film One, SGE
  • 1995 21st Century Man TV Pilot
  • 1995 Expect No Mercy Alliance, Warner Vision
  • 1994 Operation Golden Phoenix Universal Alliance
  • 1993 TC 2000 Universal, Cineplex, SGE
  • 1992 Talons of the Eagle Universal, Cineplex, SGE
  • 1992 Tiger Claws Universal, Cineplex, SGE
  • 1991 Fearless Tiger Cineplex, Imperial


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