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Jamuhar is a village in the Rohtas district of Bihar, India.

Etymology of the name[edit]

The name Jamuhar is derived from the words Yam Har, meaning "Yamdoot was defeated by Villagers". The phrase means villagers of this village were very strong and brave. The village was inhabited in medieval period.


The part of old house of Jamuhar.

Loha Singh and Tara Singh left Fatehpur Sikri in the period of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. They were Sikarwar (Sikriwal) Rajputs. They came with their family and followers the[clarification needed] the banks of Kai (Cow) River in Shahabad district 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) east of Sasaram in a forest near the Kaimur Hills. They inhabited the village Jamuhar with the help of their family and followers.

Geography and climate[edit]

Jamuhar is very fertile flat land. It is drained by the Kai (Cow) river originating in the Kaimur Hills Valley.

Jamuhar is mildly cold in the winter (the lowest temperatures being around 5 to 10 °C (41 to 50 °F). Winter months are December and January. It is hot in the summer (with average highs around 35 to 40 °C (95 to 104 °F). April to mid June are the hot months. The monsoon months of June, July, August, and September see good rainfall. October & November and February & March have pleasant climate.

Villages in Jamuhar Panchayat[edit]

Villages within the Jamuhar panchayat include

  • Chormara
  • Mahdewa
  • Jamuhar (and Gopi Bigha)
  • Rudarpura
  • Tendua Dusadhi[1]



Jamuhar has 491 households with a total of 3916 residents.[2]


Jamuhar is served by the Kanya Madhya Vidyalaya middle school and the Jamuhar High School, and is home to several institutions of higher learning:

  • The Narayan Medical College and Hospital (NCMH).
  • The Institute of Professional Studies (a computer skills training school)
  • High School, Jamuhar
  • Middle School, Jamuhar
  • Gyan Niketan convent school

Eminent Personality[edit]

•Army Persons: - Late Ram Narayan Pandey, Late Lakhan Pandey, Shri Kamla Prasad Singh, Shri Shekhar Singh, Shri Amawash Baitha, Shri Sudarshan Tiwari were severed the nation in military services.

•Farmer:- Late Saryu Singh, Late Dharmu Singh, Late Satya Narayan Singh (known as Malik), Shri Baidya Nath Pd Singh (He has represented India in 1965 as an IFYE and contributed handsomely in agriculture field after coming from U.S.A.) are mile stones in the field of development in agriculture.Other prominent agriculturist of the eminent Village- Late Srimaan Babu Ramaadhin Singh, Late Srimaan Babu Gariban Singh, Late Shrimaan Babu Mundev Singh, Late Shrimaan Babu Chandi Singh, Late Srimaan Babu Gwali Singh, Late Sriman Babu Ganesh Singh, Srimaan RamBilash Singh, Srimaan Babu ShivBilash Singh, Late Sriman Babu Jaganath Singh Bagi .

•Educationist:- Late Prof. Kumar Balwant Singh – He was great professor of Santi Prasad Jain College, Sasaram. Prof. Shri Arun Kumar Singh - He is Principal of Law College, Sasaram. Shri Gokul Singh and Shri Kedar Nath Pandey were served in Jamuhar High School and other Schools of Bihar. Shri Alok Pratap Singh - He is a faculty of a Management Institution in Delhi. Mr. Kr. Sailesh Singh (JRS, Varanasi), Mrs. Vijaya Singh (Delhi), Dr. Kumar Dharmendra Singh, Lecturer, J. J. College, Dehri-on-Sone, Mr. Srikant Pandey and many other persons are working in the field of Education. Mr. Ghulam Kundanam is teaching computer(IT) to the villagers and running institutions also at Sasaram named Institute of Professional Studies (IPS)to make computer professionals in Rohtas District. Shri Lakshmi Kant Singh established a school at Aurangabad. Many other ladies and gents teachers are serving in government or public schools.

•Administrative Jobs:- Shri Rajiv Kumar S/o Shri Sudarshan Singh was selected in IAS in 2002. late Shri Badri Nath Pandey served for many years in the CID/Police department of Bihar in different posts.Shri K B P Singh retired as DGM(P&IR)in Mecon,Ranchi.

•Doctors:- Late Dr. Baneshwar Singh was best surgeon in the Rohtas District in their period. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Singh,Dr. kumar pramod singh, Dr. Kumar Chitranjan Singh and Dr. Saroj Kumar Singh are serving in the field of Health Care of the people of Rohtas District and other places where they are posted. The NMCH is main health Care centre of Jamuhar and nearby villages. Dr. Md. Ikbal is very famous between villagers. Shri Ajay Prakash Gupta is National Speaker of DXN company who is world largest producer company of Mushroom-based natural medicine products. Md. Roza, Md. Mehdi Husain, Shri Shanbhu Pd. Gupta, Shri Prabhaskar Pandey (health workers) are also serving the villagers to get health care facilities at door steps.

•Engineers:- Late Shri Sunil Kumar Singh was very energetic engineer of this village. He was worked in Bihar Government Service and contributed in many development projects. Shri Manoj Kumar Singh, Shri Rajeev Singh,Shri Kumar Akhilesh Singh(TISCO), Shri Kumar Narendra Singh, Kumar Abhishek singh(TCS) are working in different area of the country. Jr. Engineers Late Jagnarayan sheth was very struggling person in the learning period. His Parents were very poor. Shri Nagdev Singh (JE) is also working under Bihar Govt.

•Lawyers:- Late Durga Prasad Singh, Late Bimaleshwar Singh were brilliant lawyer of Rohtas District. Shri Baliram Singh, Shri Om Prakash Singh, Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, Shri Ratnesh Kumar Singh are serving the peoples of the district at Sasaram Court.

•Artist:- Late Kedar Singh was a great artist who was worked in an unrealised film. Shri Rajkumar Prasad Gupta and Shri Ramashish Mahto are good directors. They are directed many Drama successfully. They are good actors also. Shri Jay Prakash Bhagat wrote a drama named “Jai Vijay”. Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh is best singer and artist of village Jamuhar.

•Politicians:- BJP- Shri Gopal Narayan Singh (Ex. Head of Bihar BJP), Shri Rajkumar Pd. Gupta, BJP- Shri Kumar Binod Singh, Congress- Shri Manoj Kumar Singh, Shri Sudarshan Singh (JDU), Ghulam Kundanam (Aam Aadmi Party), Samajwadi Party- Shri Varun Kumar (Rocky Singh)is posted as district youth president of rohtas. Many other persons are associated with different parties to develop the jamuhar panchayat, Bihar and the country.

•Entrepreneurs: - Shri Shiv Narayan Singh, Shri Kamta Singh, Shri Dhirendra Kumar Singh, Shri Dilip Kumar Singh, Shri Upenddra Kumar Singh, Shri Sanbhu Singh, Shri Govind Narayan Singh (MBA), Shri Trivikram Narayan Singh (MBA), Mr Deepak Kumar Singh(NSE & BSE), Shri Raviranjan Kumar Singh,Himansu SheKhar Singh RSM In Aristo, Abhishek Sankrit (Social Entrepreneur & Director at Sankrit Tour Zone, Travel Company with Offices Varanasi, New Delhi, Kathmandu and Hyderabad), Sarvjeet Sankrit (Founder of Ghum India Ghum a one stop travel company) and many other persons are engaged in different business and industries.

•Insurance, Banking & Financial Job : - Jamuhar Post Office, Sahaj Vasudha Kendra(in future) are Insurance & Banking service providers. Mr Sidharth Prakash(AGM, RBI), Mrs Mou Prakash( Senior Manager ECGC), Mr Rupak Kumar Singh(Assistant Manager, SBI), Amresh Singh(in advertising world), Shri Dinbandhu Singh, Shri Kumar Vinay Singh, Shri Safulendra Pd. Gupta and many other persons are serving in the field of Banking & Insurance. Mr Pankaj Singh is UK returned Financial analyst who is working for a leading ERP solutions provider,Ramco Systems.

•Younger Generation : -'Rajneesh singh,Executive Mngr.(Jindal Steel,raigarh)mob.9454840115. , and many more to come


The Temple of Kali Ma in the east of Village Jamuhar.


The celebration of Chhath is a major event of the Jamuhar religious calendar.

Chhath Festival at pond Sati Mai Talab of Village Jamuhar.
Chhath Festival at Bank of canal of Kai River of Village Jamuhar.

The Chhath Pooja in Jamuhar is celebrated on the bank of Canal of Kai River and other Ponds (Talabs).

Places of worship[edit]

The temple of Lord Shiva was made by all villagers. There is an old Shiv Ling (Budhwa Shiv Ji) also in the temple compound. The Kali Mandir is very old. There are many temples in the village.

The Masjid of Jamuhar named "Makkah Madinih Masjid" is under construction.


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