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Sitarampur,named after its prominent and noble zamindar Pundit Sitaram Tiwary
Charanpuri,Royal Brahmin Estate
Nickname(s): Chawalgaon
Nasreeganj is located in Bihar
Nasreeganj is located in India
Location in Bihar, India
Coordinates: 25°03′N 84°20′E / 25.050°N 84.333°E / 25.050; 84.333Coordinates: 25°03′N 84°20′E / 25.050°N 84.333°E / 25.050; 84.333
Country India
State Bihar
District Rohtas
Founded by Sitaram Tiwary
Named for sufism
 • Type municipality
 • Body municipality
 • Official Bhojpuri, Hindi, Urdu
Time zone IST (UTC5:30)
PIN 821310
Telephone code 06185
Vehicle registration BR 24
Nearest city dehri/sasaram
Lok Sabha constituency karakat
Vidhan Sabha constituency nokha

A man in a mission to uplift the society in Nasriganj region Pundit Sitaram Tiwary opened pathshalas for children, aged men and women around 1919,because of his successful approach nasriganj and nearby villages are most literate block in Rohtas

Nasrignaj is a block situated in Rohtas District of Bihar, India.

Nasirganj takes its name from a Sufi name Mir Nasir Dehlavi, who came to the village in late 19th century. His mausoleum is situated at the center of Nasriganj. The village is situated on the banks of river "Sone".

There is a market place named Izhar Market in downtown Nasrignaj. This is a big market considering population of the village having more than 30 shops. This market is a big attraction for people coming from nearby villages. Apart from this market, there some more attractions for people nearby. There is a big vegetable and food grain market and produces like potatoes, rice and gur are exported from this market. Beside this there is mini hydro power station on canal. There is one post office, telephone exchange and Nasriganj police station under Dy.S.P.

There are more markets in Nasriganj such as Aslaam Market and Dhaan Mandi

The main occupation of people of Nasriganj is farming . This whole area has some of the most fertile land and a village known as Mahadeva has considered as the most fertile land named after Ram Varn Tiwary and is very well irrigated through a canal network. So as well connected via road one side with Dehri-on-sone and other side with Bikramganj. The Son River is one of the widest rivers of the country and remains undried all year. So as the name suggests River Son = sona means gold, it makes the people rich in terms of food and even enriching them in all aspects of life and is like a lifeline for the area. Son River is also one of the cleanest rivers till date in the entire world as there are no industries & major cities upstream of this river, so in one way this river also helps in terms of keeping a check on the Ganges pollution level, as this river merges with the Ganges near Patna for its final journey to the Bay of Bengal.

At present time a famous company is working it is called Baloo Ghat company. It is a mining company of "silicate" which is found in Sone River. It currently (2016) is a main source of income of this block. It is a contract-based company but it has changed the economic culture of this area.

"Ara Line" canal is lifeline of this block. The source of this canal is Sone River and passed through three districts of this area. 180 km long this canal is a basic source of irrigation water.

A very special sweet of Nasriganj is "Khoorma" which was accidentally prepared by Ramrati Devi and "laktho" made from cottage cheese.

There is a "Gandhi Maidan" nearby Sone river. Children go there to play cricket and all other sports.

It is also said that the God Rama had passed from this place in his journey to Buxar. And hence this place bears the name Charanpuri.

Academic centers[edit]

Nasriganj has one of the oldest high schools in the district Rohtas. It was founded in 1929 by Sitaram Tiwary local zamindar,who was an alumnus of Oxford University,London and had revolutionised education here during colonialism and at that time only three high schools were nearby (including it) namely Osaw High school, Burhwal High School and itself. So this place has been one of the prime location for studying up to high school. This school has now been upgraded up to higher secondary level.

    • One Girl's high school (Project Girl's High School) is also situated at the bank of the river Sone. This school is for girls up to class 10th.
    • one agriculture implement maker Annapurna Agro Eng Workshop.
    • As far as private schools are concerned Nasrigang is flooded with it but any of the private schools is not affiliated to the CBSE ICSE or BSEB.
            There is no college here for Graduation or Higher Studies.

Connectivity with State Capital(Patna)[edit]

One State Highway SH15 passes from it which is connected with other highways in Dehri on Sone and Bikramganj and hence it is connected with the capital. One more state highway is proposed from SH15 via Bardiha, Sikaria, Bihta, to connect it to the state capital in one more way.

    • There is no railway line here. But in earlier times it had a private railway line of Rohtas Industries(Dalmianagar) for industrial purpose.


Nasriganj had a Primary Health Care Unit which has now been upgraded to Referral Hospital. Besides it there are many small private hospitals.

Banking and postal services[edit]

Nasriganj has two nationalized banks (SBI with two ATM and CBI with one ATM)and one central Co-Operative Bank(Sasaram Bhabua Central Co-Operative bank). It hasone Post-office (Nasriganj) and one sub post-office (Hariharganj).