Banjari, Bihar

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Banjari is located in Bihar
Location in Bihar, India
Coordinates: 24°40′00″N 83°59′00″E / 24.6667°N 83.9833°E / 24.6667; 83.9833Coordinates: 24°40′00″N 83°59′00″E / 24.6667°N 83.9833°E / 24.6667; 83.9833
Country  India
State Bihar
District Rohtas district
 • Official Maithili, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 821303
Nearest city dehri on sone

Banjari is a small town at the south-western tip of Bihar state, India. It is located on the Sone River, the largest of the Ganges' southern tributaries, in Rohtas district. It is framed by the Kaimur mountain range, to the south-east of Sasaram.

Banjari has a diverse climate, subtropical in general, with hot summers and cool winters.


Bihar is a vast stretch of fertile plain. Since Sher Shah Suri introduced the zabt-e-zameen system in the entire region, agricultural activities became the primary support of the economy.

The nearest market is Akbarpur market, at a distance of 4 km. Here you can find all the necessities for day-to-day life at affordable prices.

Kalyanpur Cement Limited (KCL)[edit]

One of the largest cement manufacturing facilities of the state, Kalyanpur Cements Ltd., located in Banjari, is a leading cement manufacturer of eastern India. It runs the only integrated cement manufacturing facility in Bihar and markets its cement in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Kalyanpur, which was established in 1937, markets its cement under the popular KC Super, KC Special and Castcrete brands.

Surya Narayan Dev Mandir[edit]

Banjari is situated on the bank of the river Sone. There is a temple known as the "Surya Narayan Dev Mandir". In front of the temple there are ghats. A fine view of the river can be seen from the ghats. The amalgamation of the naturally-made river and the man-made temple is really awesome. However the temple was made with the help of the local public and Mr. S.R.S Krishnan, president of the Kalyanpur cement company. Since Mr. Krishnan, who was from south India, had a view of a statue in his mind for the temple, and so he ordered the south Indian style statue. The statue of the temple was brought from Varanasi. And this became the symbol of Hindu religion.

This temple is steadily gaining in popularity. Now the people come here to make their wishes. The great Chhath Pooja (Worshipping of the Surya Dev) is an ancient and major festival in Bihar, celebrated here during the month of November. The Chaiti Chhath Pooja (April) is also celebrated. During this pooja, people of native land gather here to offer their worship to the god Surya Dev.


The Dehri-on-Son and Sasaram railway stations, situated on the Mughal Sarai-Gaya railway route, serve this town. Dehri-on-Sone is the nearest railway station (38 km). There is only mode of transportation that is private Bus service.

Banjari is accessible by highway from a recently constructed road, called NH-2C. This was inaugurated by former Lok Sabha speaker SMT Mira Kumar, who was an MP of the constituency.


Hindi is a major communicable language; Bhojpuri and Magdhi are often heard.

This place could be a good example of Hindi-Muslim unity, with a mixed culture.The paddy "Dhan" is cultivated at large scale...

There is a co-ed school, namely Company high school, run by the KCL. The literacy rate is around 50%.

A hospital is also run by the KCL.

The Post Office Code is 821303, namely Banjari.


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