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Jane Goodall, institute's namesake in October 2010

The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is an international wildlife and environment conservation organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with branches in many countries. It was founded in 1977 by English primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE and Genevieve di San Faustino.

Its mission is to advance the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment of all living things through the following objectives:[1]

  • Improve global understanding and treatment of great apes through research, public education and advocacy
  • Contribute to the preservation of great apes and their habitats by combining conservation with education and promotion of sustainable livelihoods in local communities
  • Create a worldwide network of young people who have learned to care deeply for their human community, for all animals and for the environment, and who will take responsible action to care for them.

JGI's main offices are in the United States, but it has sister offices around the world, in countries including Australia, Italy, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, while its Gombe Stream Research Center is located in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania.



The Roots & Shoots Environmental Education Program came to Beijing in 1994 and the Jane Goodall Institute China (JGI China) was established in 2000. Roots & Shoots is an international hands-on environmental and humanitarian education program that is about making positive change happen — for the environment, for animals and for our communities. Since 1994 the Roots & Shoots program has become the flagship program of JGI China. The Roots & Shoots Program is administered by three offices in China Mainland in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. In addition to overseeing the expansion of R&S in China, the R&S Beijing office is directly managed by JGI China.

Hong Kong[edit]

The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong) is one of the Asian branches dedicated to wildlife research, education and conservation. In 2002, the Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong was established as one of the local charities with the intention to motivate the Hong Kong public to show compassion and care for the community, animals and environment.

United Kingdom[edit]

JGI (UK) operates as a registered charity, The Jane Goodall Institute (UK),[2] based in Southampton. It offers environmental education, primate research and grassroots conservation programmes which aim to improve the lives of local people and enable them to preserve their environment.

The Roots & Shoots programme run by JGI (UK) is a children's education programme dealing with environmental, animal and social issues which aims to help children to change their lives in a small way which makes a large impact on the world around them. The programme gives free resources to schools along with giving awards, running competitions and highlighting specific environmental and social campaigns.


The Jane Goodall Institute France was founded in 2004.


The Jane Goodall Institute of Italy (ITA) was set up in December 1998 as the Italian branch of the Jane Goodall Institute International (JGI) on the initiative of the President the biologist Daniela De Donno. JGI Italy is a socially useful non-profit organization, its philosophy and aims are based on those of the JGI International: acting to build a better future for people, animals and the environment.


[1] The Instituto Jane Goodall España (Spain) was founded in 2007 as a non-profit association. It carries out environmental education programs [2] and mobile recycling campaigns [3] in Spain, while it supports the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of orphan chimpanzees in Congo. Also in Africa, JGI Spain has developed its own wild chimpanzee research and conservation programs, along with sustainable development and educational projects, in the south of Senegal, where it runs the Fouta Jallon Research Station in Dindefelo [4]

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