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Janice Turner (born 8 April 1964) is a columnist and feature writer for The Times.

Early life[edit]

She was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire,.[1][2] She went to Ridgewood School[3] in the north of Doncaster. She attended the University of Sussex, where she spent a year as an elected Student Union Officer and edited the Unionews magazine.


Before her present post, she was a magazine editor for several women's titles, launching That's Life and Real. She left to write occasional columns for The Guardian and wrote a column about magazines for the UK's Press Gazette.

Turner won Interviewer of the Year in the 2014 British Press Awards. She was shortlisted for best columnist in 2005,[4] 2007,[5] and 2008[6] and 2016 (highly commended) and best interviewer in 2006.[7]

In 2016, she won the award "A Woman's Voice" in the Editorial Intelligence awards which she declined with the following statement: "'Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female.' Simone de Beauvoir wrote those words in 1949. And in journalism, they are still true.

"Marina, Rosamund, Mary and I have written about elections, war, Brexit, celebrity, poverty, refugees,sport... But whatever women columnists write, and however well we write it, our words are heard only in a minor key. A woman's voice. I would be letting down the many talented female human beings on British newspapers if I accepted this award."

Personal life[edit]

She married Ben Preston, editor of the Radio Times, and a former deputy editor of The Times,[8] and the son of Peter Preston, in 1995. The couple have two sons. She lives in Camberwell, South London.