Jarrod Alexander

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Jarrod Alexander
Birth name Jarrod Alexander
Occupation(s) Drummer
Instruments Drums
Years active 1996–present
Labels Reprise
Associated acts

Jarrod Alexander is an American drummer, who has played with many hardcore punk bands. Alexander drummed for the bands The Suicide File, A Static Lullaby, Dead Country, and more recently, My Chemical Romance and Matt Skiba & The Sekrets.

Early life[edit]

Jarrod graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2003.


Alexander has played the drums for several bands throughout his career. He was the original drummer for Death By Stereo, who appeared on the band's first album If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die. He left the band in 2000, but rejoined it in 2006 to record a new album.[1]

He played the drums on the Background Music album from American Nightmare. He toured Europe drumming for the Vandals in 2001 before touring with Jamison Parker in 2004. Alexander played the drums on Hunter Revenge's 2007 tour as well as performing with Only Crime in 2007.

In September 2011, Jarrod filled in as the drummer for My Chemical Romance on their "Honda Civic tour", after drummer Michael Pedicone (4th MCR drummer) left the band.[2] Alexander has continued to play with My Chemical Romance into 2012 including their appearances on the Australian Big Day Out tour dates and their final show at Bamboozle Festival. He's also contributed to both Gerard Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero's respective solo projects, after the break-up of My Chemical Romance.


Alexander endorses Craviotto drums, Remo drumheads, Istanbul Agop cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks. He also uses Ludwig pedals and hardware.

Drums: Craviotto:

Alexander usually favors a standard setup consisting of a bass, rack, snare, and one or two floor toms.

Drumheads: Remo:

  • Snare: Controlled Sound Coated
  • Toms: Coated Emperors/Controlled Sound Clear Black Dot
  • Bass: Varies, usually Powerstroke P3 Clear

Cymbals: Istanbul Agop:

  • 16" Agop Signature hi-hats
  • 20" Xist crash
  • 24" 30th Anniversary ride
  • 22" Xist crash
  • 20" Sultan Crash

Drumsticks: Vic Firth:

  • Vic Firth rock wood tip drumsticks

Pedals/hardware: Ludwig:

  • Uses pedals and hardware from Ludwig's Axis series.


with D-Cons
  • "Fed Up" Demo Tape - 1996 (self released)
  • "Can't Pull My Strings" 7" ep - 1997 (Slow Gun Records)
  • "The Operation Room ep" cdep - 1998 (Slow Gun Records) limited release
with Death By Stereo
with Adamantium
  • When It Rains, It Pours (Indecision ReMcords)
  • Bane/Adamantium split 7" with Bane (2001, Indecision Records)
with The Suicide File
with The Hope Conspiracy
with American Nightmare
with Throwdown
with Bars
with A Static Lullaby
with When Tigers Fight
  • Ghost Story (2006, Indecision Records)
with Rogue Sounds
  • Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite (2012)
with Downburst
  • Abandon Balance (2012) - Drum Tech
with Frank Iero
with My Chemical Romance
with Gerard Way


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* The Sharpest Lives - MCR Announces New Touring Drummer September 4, 2011