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Jean Touitou (b. 1951 in Tunis, Tunisia) is a Tunisian-French creative director and founder of A.P.C..[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Touitou was born in 1951 to a Tunisian Jewish family. He was then "a revolutionary militant for a few years"[1] and arrived in Paris from Tunisia in 1960;[1] he studied at L’Ecole Alsacienne, and earned a degree in history from the Sorbonne.[1]


Touitou's first role in the fashion industry was landing an entry-level job "by accident"[2] at Kenzo Takada's French luxury house Kenzo in 1975.[1] Touitou founded A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Création) in 1987.[1] He served as a “ghost designer” for a number of brands, including Joseph to earn money during A.P.C.'s early years when the brand was not yet profitable.[1]

Awards and honors[edit]


Touitou opened a private kindergarten Ateliers de la Petite Enfance (A.P.E.) in 2008.[4]


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