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Founded in 1989 under the initiative of the French Ministry of Culture and the DEFI by Nathalie Dufour, ANDAM Fashion Award commonly known as ANDAM [Association Nationale pour le Développement des Arts de la Mode] is dedicated to supporting young designers and reinforcing Paris influence, as the world fashion capital. To this end, ANDAM Fashion Award brings together institutional and major private actors of this cultural industry to develop coordinated strategies and transversal actions. In addition to winning ways with a sustainable development and global visibility, it opens the doors of Official calendar of Paris Fashion Week, and is distinguished by its determination to boost the fashion industry in France.[1]

In 2018 Guillaume Houzé, Image & Communications Director - Galeries Lafayette and LE BHV MARAIS is succeeding Pierre Bergé as ANDAM President.

The 2018 ANDAM Fashion Award partners are: CHANEL, Chloé, Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent, Galeries Lafayette, Hermès, Kering, Longchamp, LVMH, M·A·C Cosmetics, MATCHESFASHION.COM, OBO, OTB, Premiere Classe - Tuileries, Swarovski, Tomorrow London Holdings Ltd, SAINT LAURENT, and the DEFI and Ministry of Culture as historical public partners and main financial sponsors.

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If the contest ANDAM Fashion Award has long been devoted to European residents in France, its openness to international applications authorized since 2005, enabling it to compete with the best prices for international fashion as those awarded by the CFDA, the Fashion Fringe or the New Gen...

According to Elle UK, the ANDAM Fashion Award has become a benchmark for fashion professionals, members of the international press and designers.[2] In addition to offering the fellowship winners worldwide visibility and the means to ensure their ongoing development, it gives them a foothold on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar.[3]

For many years the ANDAM competition was devoted to Europeans residing in France, but since 2005 it has been opened to international candidates.[4] This broader scope enables it to reach the level of the two major international fashion awards, like the CFDA, the British Fashion Council Award, … In 2011, ANDAM created a second prize, the First Collection Prize, to increase its contribution to the French fashion industry by offering a €60.000 grant to a French company. In 2012, the ANDAM Fashion Award global donation reached the amount of €290.000[5] and opens the second edition of the First Series, with the € 60 000, L'Express Styles.[1] In 2018, the ANDAM Fashion Award global donation reached the amount of € 430 000 presenting 4 prizes : Grand Prix, Creative Brand Prize, Accessories Prize and Innovation Prize (the Innovation Prize is a new prize dedicated to designers, entrepreneur or start-up, French and international willing to develop their project in France, which offer creative, innovative and technological solutions in the field of fashion design, production and distribution to develop an accountable and transparent Fashion, considering the economic, environmental and social issues).

As of 2019, ANDAM Fashion Award will celebrate its 30 years.

Winners and notable events[edit]

  • 1989: Martin Margiela is the first winner
  • 1994: Viktor & Rolf fellowship winners
  • 1995: Christophe Lemaire win the competition, today’s artistic director for Hermès
  • 1998: Jeremy Scott wins the ANDAM Fashion Award and collaborate since then collaborates with Longchamp
  • 2003: Anne-Valérie Hash, wins and worked with Galeries Lafayette
  • 2005: ANDAM opens its competition to international candidates not residing in France allowing Bernhard Willhelm to win the prize. Felipe Oliveira Baptista, today’s artistic director for Lacoste, collaborates with LVMH and Beams (Japon)
  • 2007: Bruno Pieters is financed by Yves Saint Laurent and Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent
  • 2008: ANDAM creates a single international award totaling €150,000. Gareth Pugh is the fellowship winner of this new edition.
  • 2009: Creation of a second prize, the Young Fashion Designer Award, won by Ligia Diaz. Longchamp collaborate with Jeremy Scott, Bless and Charles Anastase, previous ANDAM winners.[6] ANDAM celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  • 2010: ANDAM organizes it first “fashion dinner” hosted by the French Minister of Culture, rue de Valois, surrounded by the major actors of the contemporary fashion scene.[7]
  • 2011: ANDAM awards Anthony Vaccarello with a €200.000 endowment, allowing him to create his French structure. Creation of the First Collection Award, Yiqing Yin wins a €60.000 endowment.[8]
  • 2012: ANDAM awards Julien David with a €230.000 endowment and Pièce d'Anarchive with a €60.000 grant.
  • 2013: ANDAM awards Alexandre Mattiussi with a €250.000 endowment and Christine Phung with €75.000 and the First Collection Prize.[9]
  • 2014: ANDAM awards Iris Van Herpen with a €250.000 endowment and Sébastien Meyer with €75.000 and the First Collection Prize [10]
  • 2015: ANDAM awards Stéphane Ashpool with a €250.000 endowment, the First Collection Prize Léa Peckre with €100.000 endowment and Accessories Prize Charlotte Chesnais with €50.000 endowment [11]
  • 2016: ANDAM awards Wanda Nylon with a €250.000 endowment, the First Collection Prize Atlein with €100.000 endowment and Accessories Prize Tomasini Paris with €50.000 endowment [12]
  • 2017: ANDAM awards Y/Project with a €250.000 endowment, the First Collection Prize AVOC with €100.000 endowment, Accessories Prize Ana Khouri with €50.000 endowment and Innovation Prize Euveka with €30.000 endowment [13]
  • 2018: ANDAM awards Atlein with a €250.000 endowment, the First Collection Prize Ludovic de Saint Sernin with €100.000 endowment, Accessories Prize D’Heygère with €50.000 endowment and Innovation Prize Colorifix with €30.000 endowment [14]

Fellowship winners[edit]

1989 Olivier Guillemin, Martin Margiela, Frédéric Molenac, Bridget Yorke
1990 Hélène Népomiatzi (31 Février), Franck-Joseph Bastille, Christophe Lemaire, Mariot Chanet (E2), Roelli Testu
1991 Jean Colonna, Véronique Leroy, José Lévy, Pascal Marais, Hervé Van Der Straeten
1992 Mahmoud Akram, Marie-Cécile Grossmann, Marthe Lagache, Jean Touitou (A.P.C.), Jft Yun
1993 Agathe Gonnet, Sami Tillouche
1994 Marc Le Bihan, Véronique Leroy, Viktor & Rolf, Bridget Yorke
1995 Adeline André, François-Marie Ascencio et Hélène Frain, Christophe Lemaire, Fred Sathal
1996 Lisa Astorino, Viviane Cazeneuve, Udo Edling, Cyd Jouny, Xuly Bët
1997 Shinichiro Arakawa, Elsa Esturgie, Erik Halley, Rodolphe Menudier, Darja Richter, Gilles Rosier
1998 Isabelle Ballu, Jerôme Dreyfuss, Sandrine Léonard, Benoît Méléard, Jeremy Scott, Gaspard Yurkievich
1999 Bless, Pascal Humbert, Dorothée Perret, Jean-François Pinto, Carrie Rossman, Patrick Van Ommeslaeghe
2000 Alexandre & Matthieu, Lutz, Vincent Rubin, Jeremy Scott, Andre Walker
2001 Carel & Rubio, Vava Dudu et Fabrice Lorrain, Erik Halley, Laurent Mercier, Yukie Otsuki, Goran Y Pejkoski
2002 Sébastien D. Rodriguez, Dragovan, Thomas Engel Hart, Lutz, Tom Van Lingen
2003 Alexandre & Matthieu, Anne Valérie Hash, Yvan Mispelaere, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Vicente Rey, Yazbukey
2004 Charles Anastase, Bless
2005 Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Cathy Pill, Marie Seguy, Bernhard Willhelm, Yazbukey
2006 Natalia Brilli, Jens Laugesen, Christian Wijnants
2007 Commuun, Richard Nicoll, Bruno Pieters, Toga
2008 Gareth Pugh
2009 Giles Deacon, Ligia Dias
2010 Hakaan Yildirim
2011 Anthony Vaccarello, Yiqing Yin
2012 Julien David, Pièce d'Anarchive
2013 AMI, Christine Phung
2014 Iris Van Herpen, Coperni
2015 Stéphane Ashpool, Léa Peckre, Charlotte Chesnais
2016 Wanda Nylon, Atlein, Tomasini Paris
2017 Y/Project, AVOC, Ana Khouri, Euveka
2018 Atlein, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, D’Heygère, Colorifix


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