Jemulpo Station

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Jemulpo Station
Korail-Jemulpo Station.jpg
Jemulpo Station
Korean name
Revised Romanization Jemulpo-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Chemulpo-yŏk
Railway Services
Daily ridership Based on Jan-Dec of 2012.
Line 1: 16,475[1]
Line 1
Dohwa Dowon
Station number 158
Address 450-39 Dohwa 1-dong,
129 Gyeonginno,
Nam-gu, Incheon
Date opened November 1, 1957
Type Aboveground
Platforms/tracks 2 / 4
Operator Korail

Jemulpo Station is operated by Korail and subway station in Incheon, South Korea. Its subname is University of Incheon. Incheon university and several colleges and schools are nearby. Its subname also called University of Incheon Station until last year, when the university moved the majority of its campus to the Songdo International Business District of Incheon (University of Incheon Station).


  • 1957: Station was firstly introduced under the name of Soongeui station(숭의역)
  • July 1959: It changed name into Jemulpo.

In 2007, plan for constructing whole station building was reported into newly built complex.[2]

  • September 2009: Its subname was deleted because of opening of 'Jemulpo(University of Incheon)'.



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Coordinates: 37°28′0.42″N 126°39′24.48″E / 37.4667833°N 126.6568000°E / 37.4667833; 126.6568000