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Gerald David "Jerry" Newport (born August 19, 1948) is an author and public speaker with Asperger syndrome whose life was the basis for the 2005 feature-length movie Mozart and the Whale. He is known for his frank advice and humor when giving presentations. A graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in mathematics, he is also a savant with the ability to perform difficult mathematical calculations in his head. He has two elder brothers, John and James (Jim).

In June 2010, Jerry Newport competed in the Mental Calculation World Cup in Magdeburg, Germany. He won four of ten events, a second and a third, and the World Cup Trophy for "Most Versatile Calculator". On his 46th birthday, he married Star Trek actress Mary Louise Meinel (born March 6, 1955),[1] also a savant with Asperger Syndrome. While Newport has advanced math skills, Meinel is an artist and former music teacher. From previous relationships, she has two sons, Stephen and Peter, and two grandchildren. The couple lives in Arizona. They separated in 1997 and divorced in June 1999, though later reconciled and remarried on Valentine's Day 2002. Together, they released Autism-Aspergers & Sexuality: Puberty and Beyond on July 1, 2002, and Mozart and the Whale: An Asperger's Love Story on New Year's Day 2007.


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