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Jim Jupp.

Jim Jupp is a producer, composer, and along with the graphic designer Julian House he co-owns the Ghost Box record label [1][2] and manager of Belbury Music Publishing.[3][4]

Recording career[edit]

Since 2004 he has recorded six albums for Ghost Box with Belbury Poly,[5][6] and one album as Eric Zann and also records with Jon Brooks as The Belbury Circle. He has collaborated on Ghost Box singles and EPs with John Foxx, Pye Corner Audio, Spacedog, The Advisory Circle and Moon Wiring Club,[7] Jupp has remixed work by Bill Ryder-Jones, John Foxx, Mirrors, Bernard Fevre, The Advisory Circle and The Memory Band.

Musical Influence[edit]

In interviews Jupp has cited several influences including French soundtrack composer François de Roubaix,[3] Harmonia, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Broadcast, Caravan and more generally Early Music, Folk Music, Krautrock, 1970s TV Soundtracks and Electronic Music of the 60s & 70s.[6][8][9][10]


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