Jonny's Golden Quest

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Jonny's Golden Quest
Written by Screenplay:
Mark Young
Sean Roche
Doug Wildey
Directed by Don Lusk
Paul Sommer
Voices of Don Messick
Granville Van Dusen
Meredith MacRae
JoBeth Williams
Frank Welker
Ed Gilbert
Anndi McAfee
Rob Paulsen
Whit Hertford
Peter Renaday
Pepe Serna
Jeffrey Tambor
Will Estes
George Hearn
Marcelo Tubert
B.J. Ward
Composer(s) John Debney
Country of origin United States
Producer(s) Mario Piluso
Running time 120 minutes
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Distributor Turner Program Services (original)
Warner Bros. Television Distribution (current)
Original network USA Network
Original release April 4, 1993

Jonny's Golden Quest is a 1993 animated television movie produced by Hanna-Barbera and originally aired on the USA cable channel. It attempts to fill back-story holes that were left unexplored in the original Jonny Quest cartoon series. It was in particular a follow-up to The New Adventures of Jonny Quest, with the same actors voicing Dr. Quest (Don Messick, also from the original), Race Bannon (Granville Van Dusen) and Hadji (Rob Paulsen).

It cannibalized the storyline of that series' episode "Deadly Junket," wherein a little girl appears to ask the Quest party to help her find her missing father, a scientist kidnapped by Dr. Zin. Here, the girl is ultimately revealed to have been lying about her identity, and her parents are really Race and his romantic interest from two episodes of the original series, Jade (voice of JoBeth Williams).

This television film states that they had wed, quickly realized that marriage and intelligence work did not go together, and had the union dissolved. Subsequently, discovering her pregnancy, Jade never told her ex-husband.

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DVD release[edit]

On August 9, 2011, Warner Bros. released Jonny's Golden Quest on DVD in region 1 via their Warner Archive Collection. This is a manufacture-on-demand release, available exclusively through Warner's online store and only in the US.[1]


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