Black Joy

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Black Joy
Video by Psychic TV
Released August 3, 2004
Length 105 min
Psychic TV Official Video chronology
Time's Up Live
(2001)Time's Up Live2001
Black Joy

Black Joy is a DVD by Psychic TV. The DVD includes live and music videos. The DVD is composed of two prior VHS projects, Black and Joy.



  1. "Your Body"
  2. "We Kiss"
  3. "She Was Surprised"
  4. "RU Xperienced"
  5. "Candy Says"
  6. "Wicked"
  7. "Just Like Arcadia"
  8. "Joy"
  9. "IC Water (promo)"


  1. "Intoxication"
  2. "Surrender"
  3. "Horror House"
  4. "Jigsaw"
  5. "Money For E"
  6. "Black"

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