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Juan Carlos Calderón, (Santander, 7 July 1938 - Madrid, 25 November 2012[1]) was a Spanish singer-songwriter and musician.[2]

He was the author of "Eres tú", which, performed by Mocedades, came second in the Eurovision Song Contest 1973.[3] It was an important hit in several countries. He wrote another three Eurovision entries: "Tú volverás" by Sergio y Estíbaliz in 1975, "La fiesta terminó" by Paloma San Basilio in 1985, and "Nacida para amar" by Nina in 1989; as well as an entry for the OTI Festival: "Amor de medianoche", which ended up runner-up in 1975 performed by Cecilia. He also wrote songs for several films. In 1968 won an Ondas Award. He wrote songs for artists like Luis Miguel (who won a Grammy with a Calderón song), Julio Iglesias, Herb Alpert, Chayanne, Nino Bravo, Camilo Sesto, Paloma San Basilio, Rocío Durcal, David Bustamante or Mari Trini.


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