Judy Shelton

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Judy Shelton
Alma materUniversity of Utah Ph.D.

Judy Shelton is an economic advisor to President Donald Trump[1] and the director of the Sound Money Project[2] at the Atlas Network. She is an economist[3] with a focus on global finance and monetary issues.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Shelton has a Ph.D in business administration from the University of Utah.[5] In 1989 her first book The Coming Soviet Crash was published[2] (see her Booknotes interview).

Role in national politics[edit]

Shelton previously advised Carson'16, and other politicians[which?] going back to the 1990s.[citation needed] She advocates a return to the gold standard.[6] Shelton was mentioned in the media as a Fed Vice-Chair contender, and as a possible future Fed Chair.[7]


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