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Júlio Botelho, also known as Julinho (Brazilian Portuguese: [ʒuˈlĩj̃u]; 29 July 1929 in São Paulo – 10 January 2003) was a Brazilian football (soccer) player. He was primarily a right winger. Known for his dribbling and powerful shot, Julinho was one of the greatest wingers in football history. He was selected in the World Soccer Magazine world XI in 1961.

During his career (1951–1967) he played for Portuguesa, Fluminense and Palmeiras. In Italy, he was a team member of Fiorentina and was a key member in the 1956 Italian title. In 1957, he participated in the 1957 European Cup final, a 2-0 loss to Real Madrid. Julinho played at the 1954 FIFA World Cup in Switzerland, scoring two goals. He was nominated the best player in the history of Fiorentina in 1996. He died at the age of 73.

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