K. P. Nambiathiri

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Born Ochira, Kerala, India
Occupation Cinematographer,3D consultant(stereographer)
Years active 1979 — present

K. P. Nambiathiri is an Indian cinematographer who has worked in a number of 3-D films.

Nambiathiri was born in Kerala, India. He completed a three-year course in film technology at the Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. Later he worked for a brief period at Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai as a film processor. Then he joined the film industry and worked as assistant director, still photographer, and art director before joining StereoVision LA to learn stereography. Later he worked as an independent 3D consultant for a 3D film in Telugu in the year 1986.

Nambiathiri began his feature film career as a director of photography, with Lal Salam, directed by Venu Nagavally. He had also worked as Director of Photography on the Tamil film Eeramana Rojave in 1985. He has worked in over 65 feature films across Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

He also was the Head Stereographer for Chhota Chetan as well as Magic Magic 3D.

He was a jury member for the Kerala State Television Award committee in the year 2004 and has worked in addition on television commercials and documentary films.