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KZ1 1.jpg
KZ1 outside the Maritime Museum in Auckland
Yacht club Mercury Bay Boating Club
Nation  New Zealand
Designer(s) Bruce Farr
Owner(s) Sir Michael Fay
Racing career
Skippers David Barnes
America's Cup 1988
Displacement 39 tons
Length 36.57 m (120.0 ft) (LOA)
27.43 m (90.0 ft) (LWL)
Beam 8.07 m (26.5 ft)
Draft 6.40 m (21.0 ft)
Sail area 627 m2 (6,750 sq ft) (upwind)
1,600 m2 (17,000 sq ft) (downwind)

KZ 1 was a one off sailing yacht used to challenge for the 1988 America's Cup.

KZ 1 was designed by Bruce Farr and is constructed from a carbon fibre and Kevlar/Nomex sandwich.

Skippered by David Barnes and manned by a crew of 40 from the Mercury Bay Boating Club in Whitianga, New Zealand.

KZ 1 was given the nicknames of the Big Boat or Big Beauty by financial backer, Sir Michael Fay.

KZ 1

The unconventional challenge of Michael Fay and KZ 1 prompted American syndicate head Dennis Conner to respond with an unconventional defense. Lacking time and looking to protect the planned international event in 1992, the defenders built Stars & Stripes (US 1), a catamaran that Conner sailed to win the challenge, though most of the battle was fought in court.

KZ 1 is now on display near the National Maritime Museum in downtown Auckland.


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