Kami District, Miyagi

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Kami (加美郡 Kami-gun?) is a district located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

As of 2010, the district has an estimated population of 33,240 and a population density of 58,3 persons per km². The total area is 570.05 km².

Towns and villages[edit]


Kami District is first recorded in the Nara Period as 賀美郡. During the Edo era it was respelled 加美郡

  • 1871 Kami District incorporated into Sendai Prefecture (now Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 1889 With the creation of the modern municipal system, Nakaniida Town (中新田町), Hirohara Village (広原村), Naruse Village (鳴瀬村), Onoda Village (小野田村), Miyazaki Village (宮崎村), Kamiishi Village (賀美石村), and Shikama Village (色麻村) are established
  • 1894 District offices established in Nakaniida Town
  • 1926 District offices abolished
  • 1943 Onoda Village becomes a town
  • 1954 Nakaniida Town, Hirohara Village, Naruse Village merge to form new Nakaniida Town
  • 1954 Kamiishi Village, Miyazaki Village merge to form Miyazaki Town
  • 1977 Shikama Village becomes a town
  • 2003 Nakaniida Town, Onoda Town and Miyazaki Town merge to form Kami Town (加美町)

Coordinates: 38°35′13″N 140°42′00″E / 38.587°N 140.700°E / 38.587; 140.700