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Kankrej 01.JPG
Conservation status FAO (2007): not at risk[1]:58
Other names
  • Kankaraj[2]:215
  • Bannai
  • Nagar
  • Talabda
  • Vaghiyar
  • Wagad
  • Waged
  • Vadhiyar
  • Wadhiar
  • Wadhir
  • Wadial
Country of origin
  • India
  • Pakistan
Use milk, draught
  • Male: average 590 kg[3]
  • Female: average 431 kg[3]
Coat grey, from silver to dark[2]:215
Horn status horned in both sexes
  • Cattle
  • Bos (primigenius) indicus

The Kankrej is an Indian breed of zebuine cattle. It originates from the arid region of the Rann of Cutch in the state of Gujarat, and in neighbouring Rajasthan. Under the name Kankaraj, it is also present in Tharparkar District, in Sindh, Pakistan. It is also known by the names Bannai, Nagar, Talabda, Vaghiyar, Wagad, Waged, Vadhiyar, Wadhiar, Wadhir and Wadial.[4] It is a dual-purpose breed, used both for draught work and for milk production.

From about 1870 onwards, Kankrej bulls and cows were exported to Brazil, where they were used to create the Guzerá breed.[2]:193 Even more importantly, the Brahman or Brahma breed was produced by cross-breeding the Kankrej and Guzerat (Gujarat), Ongole, Gyr (Gir) and Krishna Valley breeds of cattle.[5] The Brahman is one of the most popular breeds of cattle intended for meat processing and is widely used in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, United States, Panama, Colombia and Australia among many other places.

The most recent official census data for the Kankrej population in India dates from 1977, when there were 465 000.[2]:215[3] In Pakistan, the population was recorded in 2006 at 273 000.[2]:215[6]

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