Karbala Governorate

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Karbala Governorate

محافظة كربلاء

Karbala Province
Location of Karbala Governorate
Coordinates: 32°27′N 43°48′E / 32.450°N 43.800°E / 32.450; 43.800Coordinates: 32°27′N 43°48′E / 32.450°N 43.800°E / 32.450; 43.800
Country Iraq
 • GovernorAqil Al-Turaihi[1]
 • Total5,034 km2 (1,944 sq mi)
(2013 [2])
 • Total1,370,000
 • Density270/km2 (700/sq mi)
HDI (2017)0.689[3]

Karbala Governorate (Arabic: كربلاءKarbalāʾ) is a governorate in central Iraq. Its administrative center is the city of Karbala, a holy city for Shia Muslims for housing the shrine of the revered Imam Hussein. The population is 100% Shia.[4] The governorate includes part of the artificial Lake Milh.

Provincial Government[edit]

  • Governor: Aqil Al-Turaihi
  • Deputy Governor: Jawad al-Hasnawi [1]
  • Provincial Council Chairman (PCC): Abdul al-Al al-Yasseri [2]



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