Katarist United Liberation Front

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Katarist United Liberation Front
Frente Unido de Liberación Katarista
Leader Jenaro Flores Santos
Ideology Katarism

The Katarist United Liberation Front (Spanish: Frente Unido de Liberación Katarista, abbreviated FULKA) was a Katarist political party in Bolivia. The party was launched by Jenaro Flores Santos ahead of the 1989 elections.[1] FULKA was formed after a split in the Tupaq Katari Revolutionary Movement (MRTK) at the 1988 congress of MRTK.[2] MRTK, later renamed MRTKL, and FULKA developed an antagonistic relationship, and the bickering between the two parties hurt the public confidence in both.[3]

Flores Santos was the presidential candidate of the party and their candidate for vice president was Hermógenes Bazualdo García. The Flores-Bazualdo ticket obtained 16,416 votes (1.16% of the national vote).[4]

FULKA leader Flores Santos was the vice presidential candidate of the United Left (IU) in the 1993 presidential election.[5]