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Keith Bishop is a fictional character in BBC's The Office, played by Ewen MacIntosh. He works as an accountant for the fictional paper merchants Wernham Hogg, as run by David Brent. An overweight man, his nickname is Big Keith.

A rather dry and emotionless man, Keith rarely (if ever) speaks in any tone other than a flat, monotone voice. His trademark is sitting in the coffee room and making blunt and alarmingly disturbing comments to people whilst they are taking a break. Most notably he commented that in America, "Fanny means your arse over there, not your minge" to character Dawn Tinsley, who was planning to move to America. Upon making his inappropriate comments, he is seen to bite into a large Scotch egg.

Keith seems to have little concern for his career at Wernham Hogg, which he considers a "stopgap". When filling out an employee evaluation form, under "Strengths", he simply put "Accounts" (his job title) and under "Weaknesses", he put "Eczema". He left the rest of the form blank.

Keith enjoys spending his life staying at home and watching Peak Practice. Keith has aspirations of entering the music business as a DJ. He claims to be using his job at Wernham-Hogg to fund these aspirations. He has DJ'd various occasions in the office, most notably the Christmas party and claims to be a hit with the ladies despite his size.

His counterpart in The Office (US TV series) is Kevin Malone.