Kendo Rage

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Kendo Rage
Kendo rage.jpg
North American cover art
Developer(s) Affect
Producer(s) Tom Shizuma
Composer(s) Takahiro Wakuta
Platform(s) Super NES/Famicom
  • NA: October 1993[1]
  • JP: January 22, 1993
Genre(s) Action game, platformer
Mode(s) Single-player

Kendo Rage, known in Japan as Makeruna! Makendō (負けるな!魔剣道, "Do Not Lose! Kendo Magic"), is an action video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom by Datam Polystar. Seta U.S.A. published the English version.



The original Japanese version of the game stars a girl named Mai Tsurugino (剣野 舞, Tsurugino Mai). A spirit detective named Doro (ドロ) finds Mai and asks her to help him attack monsters. In the English-language version of the game, an American girl named Josephine "Jo" goes to Japan to attend a summer kendo school. Her personal trainer, Osaki "Bob" Yoritomo, asks her to fight monsters on the way to school.


A fighting game follow-up titled Makeruna! Makendō 2: Kimero Youkai Souri was released for the Super Famicom and PlayStation. A role-playing video game titled Makeruna! Makendō Z was released for the PC-FX. An anime OVA series, Makeruna! Makendo, closely follows the original Japanese version of the game, featuring both Mai and her younger sister Hikari (the main character from the second game).

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