Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys

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Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys
Girl Beats Boys.jpg
Genre Otome,[1] romance
Written by Chie Shimada
Published by Hakusensha
English publisher [2]
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Hana to Yume
Original run July 4, 2015February 1, 2017
Volumes 2
Kenka Bancho Otome
Developer RED Entertainment
Publisher Spike Chunsoft
Genre Visual novel
Platform PlayStation Vita
  • JP: May 19, 2016
Anime television series
Directed by Noriaki Saito
Produced by Groove
Studio A-Real, Project No.9
Licensed by
Original network Tokyo MX
Original run April 12, 2017 June 28, 2017
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Kenka Bancho Otome: Kanzenmuketsu no My Honey
Developer RED Entertainment
Publisher Spike Chunsoft
Genre Visual novel
Platform PlayStation Vita
  • JP: July 27, 2017
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Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys (喧嘩番長 乙女-Girl Beats Boys-) is a 12-episode anime series co-produced by A-Real and Project No.9. It aired from April to June 2017.


Growing up as an orphan, Hinako is shocked to learn that she has an older twin brother called Hikaru. Born as a yakuza, Hikaru requests Hinako to switch places with him at Shishiku Academy, an all-boys school overrun with Japan's toughest delinquents, and become the new yakuza boss.


Characters Japanese[3] English[4]
Hinako Nakayama Hibiku Yamamura Apphia Yu
Totomaru Minowa KENN Austin Tindle
Haruo Sakaguchi Takashi Kondō Christopher Wehkamp
Houoh Onigashima Tomoaki Maeno Jarrod Greene
Takayuki Konparu Shouta Aoi Joel McDonald
Rintaro Kira Yoshimasa Hosoya Orion Pitts
Yuta Mirako Tetsuya Kakihara Ricco Fajardo
Hikaru Onigashima Tsubasa Yonaga Terri Doty
Toshiya Murata Toshiyan Alejandro Saab
Kenta Shimamura kenty Brandon McInnis
Tora Tanaka Tora* Stephen Fu
Sakuya Nakajima sakuya. Daman Mills

Production and development[edit]

Production of the anime was announced in December 2016.[5] The opening theme song is "Love Sniper" and the ending theme song "Gankō Signal" was performed by Love Desire.[6] Crunchyroll streamed the series.[6] Funimation licensed the series and premiered the dub on May 11, 2017.[7]

Episode list[edit]

No. Official English title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
1 "One Fist"
"Ichigeki Ichie" (一撃一会) 
April 12, 2017May 11, 2017
Hinako Nakayama is an orphan and a martial arts expert, who was living her life in a fuzzy haze when she finds herself attending a new school. While the new outlook she gets from her new surroundings is great, there's a few problems: 1) Its an all-boys school 2) Its student body is nearly 100% punks who are ready to brawl at a moment's notice and 3) She's attending under an assumed identity that ensures the toughest are all going to be gunning for her! 
2 "The Road to Conquering Shishiku"
"Shishiku Seiha e no Michi" (獅子吼制覇への道) 
April 19, 2017May 18, 2017
Hinako is now cross-dressing in order to attend the extremely roughneck Shishiku Academy as Hikaru Onigashima. How exactly did she get into this mess? 
3 "The Supremely Stoic Punk"
"Saikyou no Stoic Yankee" (最強のストイックヤンキー) 
April 26, 2017May 25, 2017
Hinako reaches the next hurdle in her quest to take over Shishiku Academy: Takayuki Konparu. The only problem? The steely first-year has no interest in fighting her! 
4 "Fight In the Rain"
"Ame no Hatashiai" (雨の果し合い) 
May 3, 2017June 1, 2017
Konparu has sent a letter of challenge to Hinako and is now out for her blood. Why is he suddenly ready to fight her? And can Hinako win the fight when she learns the truth? 
5 "Show 'Em What You're Made Of! The Great Study Session"
"Otokogi Bakasero! Dai Benkyoukai" (漢魂(オトコギ)魅せろ! 大勉強会) 
May 10, 2017June 8, 2017
With her control over the first-years secured Konparu and Totomaru head to Hinako's house for a study session to prepare for mid-terms. 
6 "The Idol Punk Arrives!"
"Idol Yankee Toujou!" (愛怒溜(アイドル)ヤンキー登場!) 
May, 17, 2017June 15, 2017
One of the two top second-years, Yuuta Mirako, is both an idol and a brawler. An upcoming concert at Shishiku Academy brings him into conflict with Hinako. 
7 "Concert Brawl"
"Rantou Life" (乱闘来武(ライブ) 
May 24, 2017June 22, 2017
Mirako's disgust at the concept of friendship has Hinako curious, and after hearing about his troubled past from Kira, she decides to help him. 
8 "Alas! Such Kind Fists..."
"Aa! Yasashiki Kobushi...," (嗚呼! 優しき拳…、) 
May 31, 2017June 29, 2017
The other top second-year student, Rintarou Kira, seems to know Hinako's real identity. How does he know, and what will it mean for her conquest of Shishiku Academy? 
9 "Passionate Feelings, Determined Fists..."
"Awaki Omoi, Ketsui no Kobushi...," (淡き想い、決意の拳…、) 
June 7, 2017July 6, 2017
Hinako is unsure what to do now that she remembers who Kira is. Will Hinako continue her attempt to take the school over? 
10 "Beyond Our Feelings"
"Omoi no Hate ni" (想いの果てに) 
June 14, 2017July 13, 2017
Kira seems to know who Hinako really is, and wants her to give up her conquest of the school. It seems the only way for her to convince him otherwise is to fight him... and win. 
11 "The Witch Trial Begins"
"Majo Saiban Kaitei" (魔女裁判開廷) 
June 21, 2017July 20, 2017
12 "Taking On All Comers! Love, Fists, and Best Bros"
"Kenka Joutou! Ai to Kobushi to Mabudachi to" (喧嘩上等! 愛と拳とマブダチと) 
June 28, 2017July 27, 2017


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