Khadijah James

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Khadijah James
Living Single character
First appearance "Judging by the Cover" (1993)
Last appearance "Let's Stay Together" (1998)
Created by Yvette Lee Bowser
Portrayed by Queen Latifah
Gender Female
Occupation Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Flavor magazine
Former Security guard at a nursing home
Formerly worked at a pizzeria
Former Intern at Essence
Graduate from Howard University, Former Editor of The Hilltop
Family Ed James (father)
Rita James (mother)
Stephanie James (Paternal half-sister)
Ruth (Maternal grandmother)
Synclaire James (Paternal cousin)
Clinton James (Paternal uncle)
Significant other(s) Terrence "Scooter" Williams
Alonzo Ford
Hamilton Brown
Charles Roberts
Nationality American

Khadijah James is a fictional character featured on the Fox network sitcom Living Single. She was portrayed by Queen Latifah.

For her performance as Khadijah, Queen Latifah was nominated for two Image Awards and two Kids' Choice Awards.


Khadijah was born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey. Her father and mother divorced when she was young, and her father later remarried and had another daughter, Stephanie (Tatyana Ali). During her childhood, Khadijah had two best friends, Régine Hunter and Terrence "Scooter" Williams (Cress Williams), and also in high school another friend of hers was named Sheri (portrayed by Rosie O'Donnell in an episode), who eventually became a reporter, who briefly worked for Khadijah at Flavor. Her high school rival was Denise Hatcher (Cheryl Miller). She was also the editor of her high school newspaper.

Khadijah attended Howard University, where she earned a degree in journalism. While in college, she worked two jobs during college. She met Maxine Shaw, who eventually became an attorney. She was also the editor of the university's newspaper, The Hilltop. She also befriended Jackie (Charnele Brown), who convinced she and Max to start a sandwich business, which proved to be unsuccessful. Shayla (Karen Malina White), Max's roommate, confided in Khadijah that she was a lesbian. During college, she interned at Essence magazine under Susan Taylor.


Khadijah appears to be the level-headed one of the group. She can also be comedic and sarcastic, especially towards to Synclaire and Régine.

At her magazine Flavor, she was the hard-working editor, who is also independent and blunt.


Khadijah has had several romantic relationships throughout Living Single five-season run.

Khadijah's childhood friend Scooter (Cress Williams), comes to town and after a night on the town, the two end up sleeping together. When Scooter asks for her to spend a weekend with him in Los Angeles, Khadijah asks for time to reevaluate the relationship.

At the conclusion of season one, she began dating schoolteacher Alonzo Ford (Adam-Lazarre White), whom she met while interviewing him for an article in Flavor. Things complicate the relationship when Scooter returns with hopes of picking up where he left off with Khadijah. When she admits feelings for Scooter and that she wasn't ready for the commitment that Alonzo was seeking, the two split.

In the season finale, Khadijah ends up with Scooter.