Khoshk-e Bijar

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Khoshk-e Bijar

Khoshk-e Bijar is located in Iran
Khoshk-e Bijar
Khoshk-e Bijar
Coordinates: 37°22′29″N 49°45′27″E / 37.37472°N 49.75750°E / 37.37472; 49.75750Coordinates: 37°22′29″N 49°45′27″E / 37.37472°N 49.75750°E / 37.37472; 49.75750
Country Iran
BakhshKhoshk-e Bijar
 • Total96 km2 (37 sq mi)
 (2016 Census)
 • Total7,245 [1]
Time zoneUTC+3:30 (IRST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+4:30 (IRDT)

Khoshk-e Bijar (Persian: خشكبيجار‎, also Romanized as Khoshk-e Bījār and Khoshk Bījār; also known as Khoshg Bejar, Khoshgeh Bījār, Bazar-i-Khushk Bidzhar, Bazar-i-Khoshke-Bijar, Bāzār Khoshk Bechār, and Bāzār Khoshk Bījār)[2] is a city and capital of Khoshk-e Bijar District, in Rasht County, Gilan Province, Iran. At the 2014 census, its population was 49000, in 10000 families.[3]

Historically Khoshkebijar[edit]

Khoshkebijar history dates back to about 800 years ago. At the time of the Mongol invasion in 706 AD, the city was sacked by the Mongol Sultan Srbazam this section (Salouk), which is a brave man and forced to surrender. During the Safaviye Shah Tahmasb in Esperanto after Safavi- outskirts of Gilan (Gilan province was divided into two parts Esperanto after Vbyh tu) in 975 AD Jamshid Khan, son of Sultan Mahmoud was given. Jamshid Khan in the year 989 AH murdered by his vizier. Two sons named Jamshid Khan Ibrahim Khan and Mohammad Amin Khan over the territory to contend with some parents. Ibrahim Khan Mohammad Amin Khan refuge shelter appreciable princes are princes Branch. Mohammad Amin Khan puts his base in Khoshkebijar .... According to E. Rabino in the provinces of Gilan Daralmrz Khoshkbijari about 100 years ago with 1600 houses, as well as a weekly market on Monday was the fifth Saturday


Khoshkebijar climate with humid and mild climate is particularly Gilan has a lot of 974/3 mm rainfall per year and an average humidity of 89% and average 6.16c° thermal equilibrium. Absolute maximum temperature of 28.5 degrees and a minimum temperature of 7.5 absolute in different seasons of the year. 37/5 warmest months of July and August average 38 C° and the coldest months of the year the average Persian date 14 Bahman and March is 15 degrees. The months of February and March rain 274/5 221 mm and less rain in the months of April and December 50 by 46.5 mm and the number of rainy days in 136 days.


  • bazaar hundred-year-old market in downtown on Monday & Thursday
  • Park City Khoshkebijar
  • Tuberculosis (Lagoon) Jaktaj a gathering place -Bgyr Everglade birds
  • Baths historic property dating back nearly a century
  • Beaches of recreational place Beautiful


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