Kingston Bible College

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Kingston Bible College
Non Recuso Laborem
I Will Not Turn Back from the Work
743 Academic Avenue, RR 5
Kingston, Nova Scotia, B0P 1R0
Coordinates 44°58′17″N 64°56′20″W / 44.9713°N 64.9389°W / 44.9713; -64.9389Coordinates: 44°58′17″N 64°56′20″W / 44.9713°N 64.9389°W / 44.9713; -64.9389
Funding type Private
Religious affiliation(s) Independent Baptist
Founded 1929
Founder Dr. John J. Sidey
Superintendent William Moorehead
Language English

Kingston Bible College (KBC) is an Independent Fundamental Baptist College located in Kingston, Nova Scotia.

The school was established in 1929 by Dr. John J. Sidey. The first classes of Kingston Bible College were held in the Baptist Church of Kingston.

In 1937 Rev. William Freeman, B.S.Scr, became the first graduate of K.B.C. He also helped build most of the existing buildings on campus.

The current president is Rev. William J. Moorehead, D.D.

KBC teaches a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis, including young-earth creationism.[1]

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