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Coordinates: 48°32′59.46″N 58°34′35.62″W / 48.5498500°N 58.5765611°W / 48.5498500; -58.5765611

College of the North Atlantic - CNA
College of the North Atlantic.png
Motto So much more.
Established 1997
Type Public college
President Ann Marie Vaughan [1]
Students 7,939 full time, 1,510 part-time, 11,754 continuing education
Undergraduates Diploma and Certificate
Location Headquarters: Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Campus 18 urban/suburban
Colours Light Blue      & blue     
Mascot Nanook the Polar Bear
Affiliations CCAA, ACCC, AUCC, CBIE

College of the North Atlantic is the public college of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The enabling legislation is the College Act.[2]

The headquarters for College of the North Atlantic and the Bay St. George campus are located in Stephenville, on the west coast of the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador. They are Newfoundland and Labrador’s public college – one of the largest post-secondary educational and skills training centres in Atlantic Canada, with a history dating back more than 50 years. Today they have 17 campus locations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and one in the Middle East State of Qatar. The College of the North Atlantic offers nearly 100 full-time program offerings and more than 300 part-time courses for some 20,000 students each year.

Mission and vision[edit]

The college mission is to improve accessibility to quality programs and enhanced services to support the success of students and communities.

The vision of College of the North Atlantic is of lifelong learners who are educated and highly skilled, able to meet the demands of the labour market and contribute to the social, economic, and cultural well-being of their communities.


After 1963, District Vocational Schools (DVS) opened in Labrador City; Happy Valley-Goose Bay; St. Anthony; Corner Brook; Stephenville Crossing; Port aux Basques; Baie Verte; Springdale; Grand Falls - Windsor; Lewisporte; Gander; Bonavista; Clarenville; Burin; Placentia; Carbonear; and Seal Cove. A College of Trades and Technology opened in St. John's and a Heavy Equipment School opened in Stephenville. In 1967, an Adult Upgrading Centre opened in Stephenville. In 1977, the Bay St. George Community College was established in Stephenville encompassing the District Vocational School in Stephenville Crossing, the Adult Upgrading Centre and the Heavy Equipment School.

In 1987, two Institutes and five Community Colleges are formed from the former District Vocational Schools, the College of Trades and Technology and the Bay St. George Community College. These Colleges are: Cabot Institute; Fisher Technical College; Avalon Community College; Eastern Community College; Central Newfoundland Community College; Labrador Community College and Western Community College. In 1991, the Fisher Technical College was renamed the Fisher Institute of Applied Arts and Technology and the Western Community College was renamed Western College of Applied Arts and Technology. In 1992, five Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and Continuing Education are formed from the two Institutes and five Community Colleges. These Colleges are: Cabot College; Eastern College; Central Newfoundland Community College; Westviking College and Labrador College.

In 1997, College of the North Atlantic was formed from the province's five community colleges. The province's community colleges were administered and operated independently before merging.


College of the North Atlantic has 17 campus locations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and one in the Middle East State of Qatar. In alphabetical order, CNA campus locations are in the following locations:

Campus Location Coords
Baie Verte Baie Verte 49°56′31.49″N 56°11′06.51″W / 49.9420806°N 56.1851417°W / 49.9420806; -56.1851417
Bay St. George/  
Stephenville   48°33′53.90″N 58°34′07.41″W / 48.5649722°N 58.5687250°W / 48.5649722; -58.5687250
Bonavista Bonavista 48°39′05.29″N 55°06′48.85″W / 48.6514694°N 55.1135694°W / 48.6514694; -55.1135694
Burin Burin 47°05′02.82″N 55°11′53.97″W / 47.0841167°N 55.1983250°W / 47.0841167; -55.1983250
Carbonear Carbonear 47°44′05.18″N 53°06′48.58″W / 47.7347722°N 53.1134944°W / 47.7347722; -53.1134944
Clarenville Clarenville 47°06′01.37″N 55°45′39.24″W / 47.1003806°N 55.7609000°W / 47.1003806; -55.7609000  
Corner Brook Corner Brook 48°57′02.65″N 57°57′01.80″W / 48.9507361°N 57.9505000°W / 48.9507361; -57.9505000
Gander Gander 48°57′24.25″N 54°36′31.21″W / 48.9567361°N 54.6086694°W / 48.9567361; -54.6086694
Grand Falls-Windsor Grand Falls-Windsor 48°56′22.71″N 55°39′41.36″W / 48.9396417°N 55.6614889°W / 48.9396417; -55.6614889
Happy Valley-Goose Bay Happy Valley – Goose Bay 53°19′09.25″N 60°25′32.83″W / 53.3192361°N 60.4257861°W / 53.3192361; -60.4257861
Labrador West Labrador West 52°56′18.51″N 66°54′48.67″W / 52.9384750°N 66.9135194°W / 52.9384750; -66.9135194
Placentia Placentia 47°14′11.49″N 53°58′20.30″W / 47.2365250°N 53.9723056°W / 47.2365250; -53.9723056
Port Aux Basques Port aux Basques 47°33′57.65″N 59°08′49.73″W / 47.5660139°N 59.1471472°W / 47.5660139; -59.1471472
Prince Phillip Drive St. John's 47°35′13.77″N 52°43′14.23″W / 47.5871583°N 52.7206194°W / 47.5871583; -52.7206194
Ridge Road St. John's 47°35′17.07″N 52°44′03.67″W / 47.5880750°N 52.7343528°W / 47.5880750; -52.7343528
Seal Cove Conception Bay South 47°27′58.13″N 53°05′00.79″W / 47.4661472°N 53.0835528°W / 47.4661472; -53.0835528
St. Anthony St. Anthony 51°22′18.84″N 55°35′49.66″W / 51.3719000°N 55.5971278°W / 51.3719000; -55.5971278
Qatar Duhail North, Doha 25°21′37.82″N 51°28′54.77″E / 25.3605056°N 51.4818806°E / 25.3605056; 51.4818806



The Bay St. George campus consists of five main buildings. These buildings include a residence with a capacity of 170 students and dining facilities.

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