Kinugasa Station

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Kinugasa Station

Kinugasa Station
Location 2-65 Kinugasa, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
Operated by JR East
Line(s) Yokosuka Line
  • Bus stop
Opened 1944
Passengers (2008) 9,326 daily

Kinugasa Station (衣笠駅, Kinugasa-eki) is a railway station operated by JR East's Yokosuka Line located in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. It is located 19.3 kilometers from Ōfuna switch point, and 68.7 kilometers from the Tokyo Station.



Kinugasa Station opened on 1 April 1944 as a station on the Japan National Railways (JNR).[1] Freight operations were discontinued from February 1, 1961. The station came under the management of JR East upon the privatization of the Japan National Railways (JNR) on April 1, 1987. Station operations are now managed by the East Japan Eco Access Co., Ltd under contract from JR East.

Station layout[edit]

Kinugasa Station has two tracks and a single island platforms connected to the station building by an underpass. The station can accommodate trains of up to 11 cars long. Because the Yokosuka line is only one track between the neighboring Yokosuka Station and Kurihama station, trains stop at this station to allow other trains to pass. There was once a short holding track beside the station, but it has been removed.

In an effort to make the station barrier free, a wheelchair-accessible toilet, Braille signs and elevators have been installed.


1 Yokosuka Line Kurihama
2 Yokosuka Line ZushiŌfunaYokohamaTokyoChibaNarita Airport

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