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The Kohala Bridge across the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus River, forms part of one of the land routes from the Azad Kashmir to the rest of Pakistan.

View of Pakistani controlled Kashmir from the river bank.
Food place on a water stream, joining the Jhelum River near Kohala Bridge, is a popular tourist attraction.

The bridge is located at the town of Kohala, 38 kilometres (24 mi) north of Murree and 35 km south of Muzaffarabad. A suspension bridge was constructed in 1877 and vanished in an 1890 flood. A new transportable steel bridge was constructed in 1899, and in 1990 it too vanished in a flood. A third bridge was constructed on the north edge of Union Council Birote Kalan, Abbottabad District, in 1993.[1]


Coordinates: 34°05′46″N 73°29′56″E / 34.09611°N 73.49889°E / 34.09611; 73.49889