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Main entrance to Kol Torah
New wing of Kol Torah

Kol Torah is a yeshiva in the Bayit Vegan area of Jerusalem, Israel founded in 1939. It is famous for its high standards in Talmudic teaching and quality of students, who are recognised as being some of the foremost Talmudists in the world.

Early years[edit]

Yeshivas Kol Torah was founded in 1939 by Rabbi Dr. Yechiel Michel Schlesinger (1898–1948), born in Hamburg, Germany and Rabbi Boruch Kunstadt, a Dayan from Fulda, Germany. It was the first mainstream Haredi yeshiva to teach in Hebrew, as opposed to Yiddish, as was accepted at the time. This innovation had the crucial support of the Chazon Ish.

After Rabbi Schlesinger's death in 1949, Kol Torah was headed by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, until his death in 1995.

Tombstone of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach which says he "spread Torah among the public, and had many students in Yeshivas Kol Torah"


Currently Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Schlesinger, eldest son of the founder, is serving as Rosh yeshiva. Kol Torah is separated into two parts, the rabbinical college and the high school. The number of students in both combined reaches around 1000 students.

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