Kozjak (mountain)

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Manastir Prohor Pcinjski.JPG
Prohor Pčinjski at the slopes of the mountain
Highest point
Elevation 1,284 m (4,213 ft)
Coordinates 42°18′37″N 21°55′42″E / 42.31028°N 21.92833°E / 42.31028; 21.92833Coordinates: 42°18′37″N 21°55′42″E / 42.31028°N 21.92833°E / 42.31028; 21.92833
Kozjak is located in Serbia
Location in Serbia, on the border with Macedonia
Location Republic of Macedonia and Serbia

Kozjak (Macedonian: About this sound Козјак ) is a mountain situated on the border between the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia. It is situated north-east from Kumanovo. The tallest peak of Kozjak is Virovi at 1284 meters.[1] The region is also known as Kozjačija.

During World War II Kozjak was occupied by Draža Mihajlović's Chetniks, and was a ground of severe battles between them and the Macedonian National Liberation Army.

Kozjak is famous for the Prohor Pčinjski monastery in which the first session of the ASNOM was held on 2 August 1944.


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