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KBS Kyoto 20210722.jpg
Headquarters in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
AffiliationsIndependent (JAITS)
OwnerKyoto Broadcasting System
FoundedJune 26, 1951 (1951-06-26)
First air date
April 1, 1969 (1969-04-01)
Former channel number(s)
34 (UHF, 1969–2011)
Call sign meaning
Kyoto BRoadcasting
Technical information
Licensing authority

Kyoto Broadcasting System Company, Ltd (株式会社京都放送, Kabushiki-gaisha Kyōto Hōsō, KBS) is a commercial broadcasting station headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It is doing business in Kyoto Prefecture as "KBS Kyoto" (KBS京都) and in Shiga Prefecture as "KBS Shiga" (KBS滋賀)

Its radio station serves Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures and is a member of National Radio Network (NRN). Its television station serves Kyoto Prefecture and is a member of the Japanese Association of Independent Television Stations (JAITS). Since April 1, 2005, KBS is broadcasting digital television in ISDB format.


AM Radio[edit]

KBS Kyoto Radio (京都放送ラジオ)

  • Kyoto - 1143 kHz, 50 kW, JOBR
  • Maizuru - 1215 kHz, 2 kW, JOBO
  • Fukuchiyama - 1485 kHz, 100 W, JOBE
  • KBS Shiga (Hikone) - 1215 kHz, 1 kW, JOBW, some prefectural programming.

FM Radio[edit]

94.9 MHz 3 kW

TV (Analogue)[edit]

JOBR-TV - KBS Kyoto Television (京都放送テレビジョン)

  • Kyoto - Channel 34, 10 kW
  • Uji-Momoyama - Channel 57
  • Maizuru - Channel 57, 100 W
  • Fukuchiyama - Channel 56, 200 W
  • Miyazu - Channel 39, 100 W
  • Yamashina - Channel 62, 10 W
  • Wazuka - Channel 40, 10 W
  • Yawata - Channel 43, 3 W
  • Kameoka - Channel 41, 300 W

and more

TV (Digital)[edit]

JOBR-DTV - KBS Kyoto Digital Television (京都放送デジタルテレビジョン)

  • Remote Controller ID 5
  • Kyoto - Channel 23


Main source:[1]

  • 24 December 1951: 京都放送 (Kyōto Hōsō, KHK) opens as Radio Kyoto (ラジオ京都, Rajio Kyōto).
  • 1964: Changes company name to Kinki Broadcasting System (近畿放送, Kinki Hōsō, KBS).
  • 1968: Starts television test transmission from Mount Hiei.
  • 1969: Starts television broadcasting service. Networking with Tokyo 12 channel (now TV Tokyo) and Nippon Educational Television (now TV Asahi.) (Currently KBS is not a member of eithers' network.)
  • 1981: Began doing business as "KBS Kyoto".
  • It was involved with the Itoman fraud case for a certain period of time in 1990s which risked the company to bankruptcy.
  • 1994: Some employees went to court for Corporation Reorganization Law (会社更生法, Kaisha Kōsei Hō) to save KBS.
  • 1995: Changed to company name to Kyoto Broadcasting System Co., Ltd. (株式会社京都放送, Kabushiki-gaisha Kyōto Hōsō, KBS), reviving the original Japanese name.
  • 1999: The corporation reorganization procedure begins.
  • 1 April 2005: Starts digital television broadcasting.
  • 2007: The corporation reorganization procedure is complete.
  • 2008: Well known toy brand Tomy releases a Kyoto Broadcasting System Choro-Q toy van edition [1]



  • Horse Racing Live (競馬中継, Keiba chu-kei)
  • Kyoto Shimbun News (京都新聞ニュース)
  • Kyo Plus (京プラス)
  • Kyo Biz (京Biz, Kyo-Bizu)
  • GO GO Poppin (GO GO ポッピン, Go-Go- Hoppin)
  • Taniguchi na yoru (谷口な夜)
  • Running Man (走る男)
  • KBS Kyoto Excite Night Game (KBS京都エキサイトナイター, Ke-bi-esu Kyo-to Ekisaitingu Naita-)
  • Exciting! J (エキサイティング!J, Ekisaiting Jei), etc...


  • Kōei Shōfukutei's Hot Radio (笑福亭晃瓶のほっかほかラジオ, Shōfukutei Kōei no Hokka Hoka Radio), etc...
  • All Night Nippon (produced by Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. (LF))
    • All Night Nippon (Mon. - Sat. from 25:00 until 27:00)
    • All Night Nippon Ever Green (Mon. - Thu. from 27:00 until 29:00)
    • All Night Nippon R (Fri. and Sat. from 27:00 until 29:00)
    • Fukuyama Masaharu All Night Nippon Saturday Special Tamashii no Radio (Sat. from 23:30 until 25:00)

Note: All times are in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9) in this article. The broadcast time can exceed 23:59, this refers to the morning hours of the following day (meaning Mon 27:00 - 29:00 equals Tue 03:00 - 05:00.)

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