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LG Vu (CU915/CU920)
Compatible networksGSM, 3G
PredecessorLG Prada
Form factorBar phone
Dimensions4.25” (H) x 2.16” (W) x 0.51” (D)
Mass3.16 oz.
CPU400 MHz
Memory152798 KB
Removable storagemicroSD
Battery1,000 mAh Li-Ion
Data inputsTouch Screen
Display262K Color TFT, 240 x 400 pixels, 3.00-inch (touch screen)
Rear camera2.0-megapixel with video capability
ConnectivityBluetooth 2.1

The LG Vu (CU915/CU920) is a touchscreen feature phone made by LG. The phone is on the AT&T network and the CU920 features mobile TV. In Canada, a variant was sold under the model name TU915 by Rogers and Fido.


Most of the features on the Vu are accessed through its 3" diagonal touch screen. The phone has Call, Clear and End buttons below the screen, and a volume rocker, Lock/Unlock button, and camera button along the right side. The Vu also contains haptic feedback which is a vibration felt when the touch screen is touched. This phone also had a nickname "pressure screen" because of how non sensitive the screen is compared to the leading touch screen phones. Like the popular LG Prada, it has the famous fish or butterfly following the touch of your finger on the screen.


The device suffers from some peculiar limitations, including a 250kbyte limit on ringtone mp3 size. All text messages are stored on the sim card instead of user memory, leaving a maximum capacity of about 220 texts. Texts cannot be saved or downloaded. The camera's autofocus defaults to close focus lock, leaving the user with a very blurry picture if several seconds are not allowed for autofocusing. LG has not issued any OS or firmware upgrades since the device was issued. Efforts have been made by the development community (see User Modification below).


The LG Vu is widely viewed as a great device for its price.[weasel words] It features many options that are available on higher priced phones like a full HTML browser, XM radio, full touch screen, and a voice recognition service. The Vu's sleek design is ideal for a person who is just getting started with the more advanced smart phone world, but is not able or willing to pay the price for a traditional smart phone, such as the iPhone.

User Modification[edit]

In addition to the general interface, users have the ability to modify the visual interface by downloading themes from websites such as LG-Vu.com. The visual interface may be altered into making the phone appear to have the visual interface of different operating systems, such as android or iOS. Although the visual interface can be altered, it is only a visual shell, therefore limiting the alternate visual interfaces to the capabilities of the default LG Vu operating system.

In addition to altering the interface, users have the ability to add some games and applications that run on Java, though they have to ensure that the game and/or application is properly sized for the phone. Such applications can be found at the LG Vu community website LG-Vu.com or from other sources. Unfortunately, due to the limitations listed above, the phone is limited to what the device can handle.

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