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The LaLaSong interface
The LaLaSong interface
Operating system Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP
Available in Japanese
Type Voice synthesizer

LaLaVoice (ララボイス) is a vocal synthesizer designed for the Japanese language.


The last version of the software was titled "LaLaVoice2001". The software was only released in Japanese and a Japanese OS was needed for the software.

LaLaVoice had several capabilities, which it mostly gained from basic text-to-speech input, though it was also possible to input the sounds using a microphone. As well as simple reading of text, it had the ability to produce singing vocals ("LaLaSong")[1] and read specific frames of webpages. The vocals were robotic sounding when played.[2] The vocals themselves were based on a family of characters from more realistic members of the family (such as a grandmother, girl, boy, grandfather, etc.) to those intended to be soul based on robots.

The software also supported Microsoft Office and could be used with Excel or Word and could even read e-mails.[3][4]

The last function the software had was a mode where a rabbit called "SuPaamimi" ("すぅぱぁみみ") would act as a schedule management program. SuPaamimi installed with a link on the desktop and would read appointments out.[5]


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