Labu, Temburong

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Mukim Labu
Mukim location
Mukim location
Temburong District in Brunei
 • Total292 km2 (113 sq mi)
 • Total599
 • Density2.1/km2 (5.3/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Brunei Standard Time)
Labu checkpoint entry stamp.

Labu is a mukim in the Temburong District of Brunei. It is located in the north of the Temburong District bordering Brunei Bay to the north, Sarawak (Malaysia) to the east, Mukim Batu Apoi to the south, Mukim Bangar to the south-west and Limbang, Sarawak (Malaysia) to the west. Mukim Labu contains several islands: Pulau Selirong, Pulau Selanjak, Pulau Siarau and Pulau Pituat. Labu has a total area of 292 square kilometres (113 sq mi);[1] as of 2016, Labu had a total population of 599.[2]

Areas and divisions[edit]

Mukim Labu includes these following areas:

  • Kampong Labu Estate
  • Kampong Senukoh
  • Kampong Piasau-Piasau
  • Kampong Payau
  • Kampong Ayam-Ayam

Other locations[edit]

Other locations within the mukim include:

  • Pulau Selirong
  • Pulau Selanjak
  • Pulau Siarau
  • Pulau Pituat

Border crossing[edit]

A road border crossing into Sarawak, Malaysia is located in this mukim, along the road between Bangar and Lawas. Called the Labu checkpoint, the crossing is located at the Brunei–Malaysia border east of Bangar.

The Malaysian checkpoint is called Mengkalap. Before the new immigration, customs and quarantine checkpoint complex at the border was completed, the Mengkalap immigration checkpoint operated out of a shoplot in Trusan Bazaar, about 8 km from the border towards Lawas.


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Coordinates: 4°47′23″N 115°09′55″E / 4.78972°N 115.16528°E / 4.78972; 115.16528