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Lahore General Hospital is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is known for neurosurgery.[1] A piece of land measuring one square and seven acre i.e. (256 kanals) situated on Ferozpur, Road, Lahore about 17 kilometers from Lahore was proposed for beggar house. The foundation was laid down by Begum Naheed Sikandar Mirza W/O Governor General of Pakistan on 27 February 1958. The first phase of the building was completed in late 1958. An opening ceremony was held on 30 September 1958 by her Begum Naheed Sikandar Mirza.

The proposed beggar house plan was dropped and it was decided by the Government to provide health facilities to the general public. Hence the birth of Lahore General Hospital took place in the early 1959.

Lahore General Hospital was opened on 29 January 1959 by Akhtar Hussain, the Governor of West Pakistan.

Lahore General Hospital started functioning in the existing building of proposed Beggar House. At that time, the hospital was used as convalescent home for the overflow of patients of Mayo Hospital, Lahore and there was no proper treatment or diagnostic facilities available at Lahore General Hospital.

The department of Neurosurgery of King Edward Medical College, Lahore, was set up at Lahore general Hospital in 1966. This department was housed in an old building temporarily till 1981.

Then after the birth of Postgraduate Medical Institute Lahore in 1974, Lahore General Hospital Lahore was affiliated with Postgraduate Medical Institute in July, 1975, except the department of Neurosurgery, T.B & Chest; both these departments remained attached with K.E.M.C, Lahore.

In April 1984, new neurosurgery / physiotherapy were completed, and these departments were shifted to the new building (Neurosurgery Block).

In 1995, on the shifting of Allama Iqbal Medical College to new campus, Jinnah Hospital complex was affiliated with AIMC and PGMI was shifted to Services Hospital, Lahore. The Lahore General Hospital was attached with AIMC. This continued till 31 May 1997. Then again LGH was attached with PGMI on 31 May 1997.

At present all these departments are attached with PGMI Lahore, including the Neurosurgery Department

On 1 July 1998 LGH was declared as an autonomous hospital. Sabiha Khurshid Ahmad was appointed as first Chief Executive of this hospital.

After the autonomy, well-equipped urology and orthopedic operating theatres were started, which lowered the huge burden of SOT, SOT was renovated and new Recovery Room added to it. A laundry plant was also installed. Seven rooms for private patients were declared on the general side in addition to eighteen rooms of the Neurosurgery Department.


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