Land Party

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Land Party
Founded 25 July 2011
Headquarters Galicia
Newspaper O Peteiro
Ideology Direct democracy
Green politics
Colours blue and green
Town councillors
1 / 3,766
Politics of Galicia
Political parties

The Land Party (Galician: Partido da Terra, pronounced: [paɾˈtiðo ða ˈtɛra], literally Party of the Land), is a Galician political party established in 2011.

Party platform[edit]

The party's platform encompasses eight types of sovereignty: citizen sovereignty, which calls for a political reform based on direct democracy, incorporating advanced proposals of participatory democracy; territorial sovereignty, where a localist administrative reform that builds upon communalism, libertarian municipalism and cellular democracy is proposed; environmental sovereignty, defending a self-sufficient sustainable living with the application of appropriate technology; food and energy sovereignty, calling both for food sovereignty through local food consumption and sustainable agriculture; economic sovereignty, proposing community-based economics including some cooperativist elements of distributism and green economics; social sovereignty, introducing a communitarian ethics of care; cultural sovereignty, emphasizing Galiza's Atlantic connections and bioregionalism; and linguistic sovereignty, with an explicit support for linguistic reintegrationism and closer ties with the Lusophone or Portuguese-speaking world.[1] The party also has an advanced platform regarding peak oil policies and the Oil Depletion Protocol.[2]

History and Elections[edit]

The Partido da Terra held its founding meeting in Santiago de Compostela on July 25, 2011, Dia Nacional de Galicia ("National Day of Galicia") and was formally registered in the Spanish Ministry of Interior the same week.

In March 2012 it run for the Elections to the General Council of the Principality of Asturias, but only in the Western electoral district where the Galizan-speaking Eo-Navia region is located, gaining no seats.[3] In October 2012 it contested the Galizan Parliamentary Election obtaining 3,307 votes (0,22%) and ranking as 7th extraparliamentary party (2nd among the votes issued by Galizan citizens abroad) out of a total of 26 groups running in the elections. In May 2014 it contested the European Parliament Election receiving 9,940 votes in the whole of Spain, although the highest proportion of votes was obtained in Galicia. In the local elections of 2015 the party gained a councillor in Lousame.

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