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Serbia and Montenegro "Lane moje"
Eurovision Song Contest 2004 entry
Ad Hoc Orchestra
Leontina Vukomanović
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
"Zauvijek moja" (2005) ►

"Lane moje" (Serbian Cyrillic: Лане моје, pronounced [lânɛ mɔ̌jɛ], English translation: literally - My Fawn, figuratively - My Darling) is the name of the song performed by Serbian musician Željko Joksimović at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 representing Serbia and Montenegro, in which it finished second. Inspired by traditional Serbian music (also called etno), in the style of a ballad, it won in the semi-finals but ultimately lost closely to Ukrainian Wild Dances, finishing second scoring 263 points, becoming the first non-winning song in the contest, along with Greece's entry Shake it, to score over 200 points. The song set a trend of world music strategy in the competition by the former Yugoslav republics.[1] Joksimović went on to compose Bosnia's 2006 entry, Serbia's 2008 entry, hosted the 2008 Contest, and again performed as Serbia's 2012 entry.

It was voted by Eurovision fans to have been the best song in the history of the competition.[2] In the Top 10 list of Eurovision songs published by The Guardian, the song finished 8th.[3]

Track list[edit]

  1. Lane moje
  2. Good bye
  3. Lane moje (Instrumental version)
  4. Lane moje (Eastern mix by Alek)
  5. Lane moje (Trancefusion mix by Dream Team)


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