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Discovery [1][2]
Discovered by
DiscoveredAugust 13, 2002
Mean orbital elements [3]
Epoch 2003 Jun. 10.00 TT
Semi-major axis23.613 Gm
Inclination37.874° *
Orbital period3171.33 days
(8.68 yr)
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter42 km[4] **
Albedo0.04 assumed[4]

Laomedeia (/ˌlməˈdə, -ˈdə/ LAY-oh-mə-DEE or LAY-oh-mə-DY; Greek: Λαομέδεια), also known as Neptune XII, is a prograde irregular satellite of Neptune. It was discovered by Matthew J. Holman, et al. on August 13, 2002.[5] Before the announcement of its name on February 3, 2007 (IAUC 8802), it was known as S/2002 N 3.

It orbits Neptune at a distance of about 23,571,000 km and is about 42 kilometers in diameter (assuming albedo of 0.04).[4] It is named after Laomedeia, one of the 50 Nereids.


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