Lawrence East (TTC)

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Lawrence East
TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg
Lawrence East station exterior.jpg
Location 2444 Lawrence Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario
Coordinates 43°45′01″N 79°16′13″W / 43.75028°N 79.27028°W / 43.75028; -79.27028Coordinates: 43°45′01″N 79°16′13″W / 43.75028°N 79.27028°W / 43.75028; -79.27028
Platforms side platforms
Tracks 2
Structure type at grade
Parking 90 spaces
Disabled access No
Opened 22 March 1985
Passengers (2014[1]) 7,470
Preceding station   TTC   Following station
TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg Scarborough
toward McCowan

Lawrence East is a station on the Scarborough Rapid Transit (SRT) line of the subway/RT system in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located at Lawrence Avenue East between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue.

Lawrence East is the third-busiest station on the Scarborough RT line, after Kennedy and Scarborough Centre.


Lawrence East opened in 1985, along with the rest of the Scarborough RT line. All bus routes that operated along Lawrence Avenue East at the time were rerouted to serve the station on 23 March 1985, one day after the opening.[2]

The station was renovated around 2011-2012 to include automated sliding doors, allowing the station to be accessible for the southbound platform and the bus platform.

On 10 August 2012 just after 1:00 pm, a 19-year-old man was shot many times in the stomach at the east side of the station near the GO train tracks. The victim was rushed to Sunnybrook Hospital and made a full recovery, the suspect was never found, and no arrests were made. TTC service was not affected, but the parking lot was closed off for police investigations.[3][4]

The station will be closed in the upcoming years when either the Scarborough RT line is closed and replaced with a Bloor–Danforth line extension, or other light rail transit plans that the city is considering. With plans from different views, the station may be moved eastward to the McCowan Road area.[5]

Station description[edit]

Entrance to the underpass east of the station at night

The station is located underneath the elevated portion of Lawrence Avenue East, in the Midland Avenue and Kennedy Road corridor. The station is fairly small and is only built on two levels.

The RT platforms, bus platforms, as well as the only entrance are located on ground level. The entrance is an automatic sliding door facing north with a sidewalk connecting to Lawrence Avenue East to the west side, and an underpass underneath both the RT and GO rails towards the commuter parking lot, Access Road, and Prudential Drive. Below ground level in the interior of the station is an underpass that connects the entrance to the northbound platforms through the means of stairs and escalators.[6]

This station is a "half accessible" station, as all services within the station except for the northbound platform are accessible. The TTC suggests that people in need of accessible service onto the northbound platform to take the RT southbound to Kennedy station, and back up. An accessible fare gate is also available inside the station at the main fare booth.


A commuter parking lot is located just east of the station, also underneath the elevated section of Lawrence Avenue East. As of 1 January 2012, the daily rate of parking from 5:00 am to 2:00 am is $3.00 on weekdays, while in the afternoon and evening rate from 3:00 pm and later is $2.00. The parking is free during weekends and statutory holidays. The capacity of the parking lot is 90 spots.

Rapid transit infrastructure in the vicinity[edit]

The RT tracks continue to travel on ground level, straight north after Lawrence East station, running parallel to the nearby railway tracks. South of the station, the tracks continue to travel on ground level but it becomes elevated shortly before reaching Kennedy Station and it makes a 90 degree turn.

Surface connections[edit]

The bus platform is located at the west side of the station, and only serves one route during the day.

54A eastbound to Starspray Boulevard
54B eastbound to Orton Park Road
54E express peak-hour limited stop service to Starspray Boulevard
  • 354 Lawrence East Blue Night eastbound to Starspray Loop and westbound to Eglinton Station (transfer required)


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